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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Radical Feminists’ War on Churches

First published on New English Review.

By Enza Ferreri

The similarity between Muslims on one hand and feminist and homosexual activists on the other may superficially seem shocking, but in fact it is normal, indeed predictable.

Their enemy is the same: the decency and morality deriving from Christian civilisation.

Muslim mobs desecrate and burn churches, they break crosses. And so do feminists, with their LGBT allies.

Last 23-25 November a horde of 7,000 lesbians and pro-abortion feminists tried to storm the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista (John the Baptist) in Argentina, to desecrate and ransack it. Since the church was protected by a human shield of 1,500 young Catholic men, the violent women assaulted them physically and psychologically. The feminists spray-painted "Burn the church" and, prevented from putting that noble intention into practice, burned an effigy of Argentinian-born Pope Francis instead.

On 25 November, to coincide with Putin's visit to the Holy Father, an Italian feminist collective, "Cagne sciolte", broke into the Basilica di San Lorenzo al Verano, in Rome, to express solidarity with the Pussy Riot and protest against Putin, holding a banner containing a sexual expletive in front of the altar.

Femen's sextremists, atheists and feminists - as they call themselves - wrote on their blog:
And let's not forget the role of the church, which interferes with the freedom of women and LGBTQI persons.We are therefore convinced that the Holy Roman Church and the Orthodox Church have points of contact: an agreement between the Patriarchs at the expense of our body is always found. We will not stop and continue the fight until the last pope, the last Tsar and the last king are overthrown.
The last sentence is a homage to the anarchist roots of these deluded people. I actually remember another version of it from my student, anarchist days: "With the guts of the last pope we will hang the last king". LGBTQI stands for "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Intersex", as defined by the University of Akron Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Union, but don't think that it will end there: I'm sure that more alphanumeric symbols will be continually added over time.

On 16 December, feminists and lesbians of the "XXX Feminist Collective", masked with hoods recalling those of the Russian anarchists Pussy Riot, invaded the Saint Petronio's Basilica in Bologna, Italy. They held up a banner in front of the sanctuary, reading "You occupy the clinics. We invade the churches", and shouted "Get the Church out of our ovaries".

They protested against the rejection by the European Parliament of the pro-abortion Estrela Report as an official EU Directive. Named after the Portuguese socialist Edite Estrela, the Report wanted to force all the EU member states to legalise the artificial insemination of lesbians, to declare abortion in the EU a "women's right", and to restrict the right of conscientious objection by doctors, medical staff and pharmacists in connection with abortion, contraception and artificial insemination.

Christmas Day is Muslims' favourite time of the year to carry out attacks against Christians in the Middle East, and their Western copycats seem to have the same predisposition. An activist of the feminist group Femen, Josephine Witt, interrupted the Christmas service in the 13th-century High Cathedral of St. Peter, the main cathedral of Cologne, Germany. Naked, she climbed onto the altar, from where she shouted at the congregation, showing the words "I am God" painted on her body (see video above).

The beauty of the Christmas Mass corrupted - if for a few moments - by the beast of deluded madness, the dignity of the clergy contrasted with the search for depravity and perfectioning of squalor.

The same group, Femen, has also profanated the Church of the Madeleine in Paris on December 20 and Notre Dame de Paris before that.

Therefore, when we read that last Christmas vandals decapitated the statues of a nativity scene - including that of Baby Jesus - displayed under a historical arch in the streets of the Italian city of Ancona, we cannot discern if the responsible have been Muslim or LGBT, feminist and other Leftist criminals.

And, if anyone is in any doubt about the importance of these criminal acts, we have Suzanne Moore, columnist of that bastion of neo-Marxist thinking, The Guardian, to remind us, in pure Gramscian terms, that "revolution always begins in culture".


  1. # the words "I am God" painted on her body

    The bitter fruits of Genesis 3:5.

  2. The reset to natural law and social sanity is going to be brutal, and we may not even live to see it, but it will come. Read my recent short story "Alas, Brave New Babylon" for one portrayal of just how brutal the reset might be. The full text is here.

    1. If the issue for these FEMENist satanic groups is religion , why have they NEVER , EVER desecrated a mosque , a synagogue or an induist temple ?
      The average salary in Ukraine ( where Satan's girlfriend Inna Shevchenko was born and lived until recently ) is 100/150 Euros. Who is in that country so rich to pay all of them minimun 2,000 Euros , just to perform these demented, farcical plays ?

  3. If their issue is Religion, why have these FEMENist satanic groups NEVER , EVER attacked
    a mosque or an induist temple , or just a synagogue ? And don't they realize they're at least 40 years late ? The bosses among them come from Ukraine , a country where an average salary is 100/150 Euros a month. Who gives them 2,000 Euros a month for this 'shakespearish' repertoire and why does he masquerade them as 'feminist' ?