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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Enza Ferreri on the Leftist Ideology Disease

Vote for Liberty GB in the European Elections on the 22nd of May because Liberty GB is the only credible party that can change what's wrong, since it's the only party which has clear ideas about what caused it.

Today's major symptoms of the disease that affects Britain – mass immigration, Islamisation, multiculturalism – have been caused by the Left's cultural dominance in Britain – as all over the West – over the past 50-60 years.

Uncontrolled immigration – in fact, invasion, as this is something about which the British people were never consulted and, if they had been, would very likely have rejected – was something wanted by the Left. The previous Labour government is the one most responsible for it, with its open-door immigration policy.

Multiculturalism and Islamisation are natural consequences of both mass immigration and Leftist ideology.

The Left believes that Britain has a dirty past, imperialist and oppressive of the poorest people on earth. This is historical revisionism for ideological reasons: in reality the colonised countries and populations benefited from colonisation more than Britain did. But it doesn't matter if it's not true, because the Left believes it and it has the means to make many others believe it. As a consequence it has instilled in the British people a sense of guilt.

Also, unrestricted immigration is allowed, even encouraged by the Left because it's a form of redistribution of wealth, one of the Left's cardinal tenets. We are relatively rich, they are poor. Let's welcome them and shower them with benefits.

And why should British identity and culture be dominant? It's a form of cultural imperialism, they say. We're all the same. Purely leftist ideology, again.

This cultural relativism that doesn't judge or evaluate applies to Islam too, even to its appalling manifestations, from sex slavery of young white girls to honour killings.

Never mind, we must celebrate diversity, Islam included.

And also, and here we come to the crux of the cultural matter, why not? We don't believe in Christianity any more. So, why not Islam? It's a religion of the poorest people on earth, and that by itself is a reason to accept it and celebrate it – so they argue.

There is no doubt that the profound erosion of Christianity, its values and ethics has been accompanied by the rise to dominance of the leftist, in particular neo-Marxist, ideology because it has been caused by it, with its attacks against Christianity and propagation of atheism.

Historically Marxists, communists, anarchists have always been enemies of Christianity. "Religion is the opium of the people", Karl Marx said.

He and Engels also hated the family. They wanted to see it dead, and children communally raised.

We are certainly going in that direction, with the welfare state taking the place of fathers.

In our world, 'post-Christian', secular, neo-pagan, atheist, the family has also become much closer to Islam with its polygamy. We have multiple marriages and divorces, children forced to share their fathers with his other families, much like in polygamist Islam.

The Left's 'sexual revolution', the removal of sexual behaviour from the sphere of morality, the domain of ethics, has greatly contributed to that.

Only understanding the cause that has produced an unwanted effect can eliminate that cause and reverse that effect.

There's no other party today in Britain that has formulated such a clear analysis of the current problems as Liberty GB has.

We have detailed policies to solve what afflicts Britain. You can see them in full at

Please support, join, donate to Liberty GB, and visit our website.

Vote Liberty GB. My name is Enza Ferreri, and I'll be standing as a candidate with Paul Weston and Jack Buckby at the European Elections on May 22nd. Thank you.


  1. The anaology of Leftism with disease is spot on

  2. The United States of Obama is catching up with Britain. Unfortunately.