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Monday, 28 July 2014

A Haven for Persecuted Christians?

Coffins of Christians killed for their faith in the Middle East

A reader and Facebook friend, Felipe, wrote to me saying that he's a young Christian tired of seeing the world getting worse and our Western civilisation getting lost.

"We are even persecuted by standing up in our righteous cause" he writes, "we have no strength because we don't have our own space".

So he suggests that persecuted Christians should relocate and flourish as a new nation, in a new place that he thinks could be Argentina.

"Argentina is a vast and rich country in terms of soil, stock, water... there is a lot of unused land and we could create a society that eventually grows and takes more control to eventually be an example and God knows what from there", he says.

Since most Europeans don't seem to worry about what's going on and only think of shopping and travel, doing nothing while they are invaded, he believes that they can join in this relocation too. Felipe claims: "I think Europe needs a solid back-up for anything coming."

This part of the plan doesn't look realistic to me. Apart from the practical difficulties of all native Europeans moving to Argentina, the same problems of invasion from Islam and the Third World are likely to follow them to the South American country. If people don't recognise the disastrous situation here, they won't recognise it there either and won't do anything to stop it.

But the rest of his idea is good, although I don't know how it can be put into practice.

Christians are persecuted, oppressed, kidnapped and killed all over the world, and they have nowhere to go. They flee Iraq to go to Syria, only to find there the same horrible fate again.

I had heard before the idea of an "Israel for Christians", a haven for them. In my opiniont it's worth exploring and spreading the idea.


  1. Europe and Britain certainly have extremely serious problems with muslims. Polls show that huge numbers of muslims want sharia law in their host countries. Very alarming, but not surprising.

    I have never been to Argentina but I know some people who have. They fell in love with Argentina. They said Argentina is beautiful and that the people are very friendly and the dogs in the streets are also friendly - reflecting the personality of the Argentinian people.

    I don't think there is a single country that muslims have not gone to. There are a lot of muslims in Latin America. Percentages can be looked at. Many years ago, large numbers of Europeans settled in Argentina. Many Italians.

    1. Hi Linda,
      What you said about Argentina is right, Argentina still holds a lot of Italian culture as well as Spanish, one of them is work hard and maintain the family together.
      Muslims are a minority in South America and they don't get any extra monetary benefit as they do in UK, US and EU for doing nothing while having kids, nor they get over protected for they status.
      Another big problem I see, which people never realize, but they would eventually see, is the growing Muslim population, Europe has a population growth of 2.3 total while Muslims in Europe have a brutal growth of 8.2, so its simple math... Europeans working harder to maintain Muslim Immigrants while they have way more kids than the natives and Muslims being everyday more active in their mission of implementing "Sharia Law" , UK as its going would not have the Church of England, but the Mosque of England.


    2. Hi Felipe, I think Argentina would be a fantastic place for Europeans. The suffering ruling elites have perpetrated on our British and European people by colonising each one of our tiny countries with millions of muslims, is horrendous.

      I'm never able to get over my grief and anger that for decades muslims have gang raped, tortured, forced into prostitution and sexually enslaved many thousands of British non-muslim female children. British leaders responded to this evil crime against humanity by continuing to import massive numbers of muslims.

      Unless things change drastically, muslims will become the majority in our countries within years.

    3. Hi again Linda,
      Believe me, I'm really aware of the situation, I've taken into consideration many things why Argentina is the place to start something new.
      Europeans in general would not believe till it knocks their door, in the other hand, many don't have values nor they care about them, so they are for the most part, drawn into this new western pop culture that replaced our old and righteous way of life.
      The only way we can create societies in Argentina is under Christian values, that would bring integrity and respect, and with so everything else, I know no-one is stupid and everyone has a talent for something, is just using it right and cooperate rather than compete.
      I'll make my own blog soon, keep in touch.

    4. This article appeared in 2014 and today May 2016. This is absolutely right and just and even valid today. I a Christian from Pakistan. I fled when persecution was hidden and systematic. From history of Islam I knew it will happen what is happening today, so left Pakistan long time ago. I thought I am lucky but I was wrong. I have suffered worse from police, and establishment, because there is no community behind. Since 1973 I have trying to find a new home first in Belize on extensive tract of land but there is bad in the community who opposed. Now I am again working hard to established safe haven. As you have felt and expressed Argintina the safe haven. There is grand opening 'a tract of land as big as 2 and 1/2 times size of Hong Kong has come up for sale. I want to avail it for safe haven for Christian from Middle East and Pakistan. Christians from Pakistan are the weakest link, they are not adventurists and poor too. The land is More than 50% good for agriculture for getting meal on the table initially. Let us please go for this 6-9 million asking price is daunting but than for a community this is not. About 3-4 million might be the right price for the owner. Let us put our mind to it and let it be 'the City set on a Hill' Amen. Please contact me if you wish support and promote it. God bless.

  2. Hi Felipe, Your idea is fantastic and Argentina would be a fantastic country for Christians to emigrate to! Good for you to have your own blog!