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Monday, 25 August 2014

Egalitarianism Is Not What Leftist Politicians Make You Think

Excavation of a mass grave outside the headquarters of the Kharkov Cheka, a department of the Bolshevik secret police, responsible for the Red Terror

"Egalitarianism" sounds so good, progressive, enlightened and compassionate. And above all, of course, caring.

But in reality the opposite of all those adjectives is closer to the truth of egalitarianism. For the only way to make all the individuals of a society equal is to reduce everyone to the lowest common denominator.

Recently it was the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. Three years later, in 1917, the Russian Revolution took place.

This should remind us that in the past almost 100 years during which attempts at equalisation were repeatedly made, everybody - except the "equalisers", those ordering and doing the equalising - became equally poor, hungry, wretched, oppressed and slave. And these were the lucky ones who hadn't been killed in the process.

There is no way to equalise at the top or in the middle. It's only possible to equalise at the bottom.

The egalitarians of today, who obviously have not (or appear to have not) learnt the lesson of history, are either naive to the point of stupidity or know exactly the consequences of what they are promoting and don't find them morally reprehensible enough to desist.

Either way, they shouldn't be given power or heed.

Like the Biblical wolf in sheep's clothing, they appear like the contrary of what they are. Choosing a charitable-sounding label for yourself is in this case the verbal equivalent of dressing yourself up. Declaiming on social justice is a rhetorical mask hiding a dangerous predator's face.

Destroying an economy makes everybody in a society equally suffer. If this is the price of equality, only the fools or the evil may want it.


  1. Your post indicates that you have not fallen under the mesmerizing, beguiling, and false promises of the army of social justice and equality. Obviously, these troops of evil are driven automatically, reflexively, and inflexibly by thought of what the "opposite of what exists" is the true good and the economy must be destroyed and purged to achieve secular heaven on earth. The dialectical historical logic of Hagel has been twisted and denuded of sound reasoning to the point of a secular religion that represents action, in order to be humane and equal, they must sacrifice liberty and destroy diversity in thought. Yet these true believers claim they are building just like they are fore bearers of the "religion of peace."

  2. Ms. Ferreri,
    I think this post is accurate, important and worth sharing, so I have done so, and suggest other share your comments and observations as well.

  3. Look forward to you words when you return from holiday!