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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Italians Are Getting Tired of Muslim Invasion

Adel Smith

A small but significant story comes from Italy.

Adel Smith, born in Alexandria, Egypt, son of an Italian father and Egyptian mother and living in Ofena, a little town in the central Italian region of Abruzzi, has just died at 54 from a serious illness.

The reason why he is remembered is his constant attacks against Christianity, which this Muslim man probably believed to be an easy target in the current secularist climate.

In 2003, his intolerance for Christian objects in public buildings prompted him to request the removal of all Christian symbols, including crosses, from the primary school in Ofena attended by his children, request granted by L'Aquila Court judge Mario Montanaro.

In 2005, Smith succeded in his request to have even Christmas plays and Nativity scenes banned from the same school.

But eventually he met his comeuppance in 2006, when he was sentenced to 8 months in jail for contempt for religion for his gesture of 3 years before: at the height of his anti-Christian delirium, he had hurled a crucifix out of the window of the hospital where his mother was a patient.

There is only so much that Italians can take.

I found this story on the Facebook page of the aptly-named group "Italians are not racist, they're just tired of this invasion".


  1. “Invasion” is the right word. It is important to use it. In the past invasions have been resisted by defence. Today the EU is paralyzing everyone’s common sense: they browbeat all with their untouchable “Core Values” – open borders, unrestricted travel, guaranteed asylum – dishonestly claimed to be for “economic” benefit. They are for the EU’s sinister massive social engineering, the means to achieve the undermining of national homogeneity.
    When defence starts the flow stops.

  2. @Michael. Absolutely! Step by step Europe is heading for a clash of civilizations, and it will be bloody.


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