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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A 10-Year-Old Is Smarter than Obama

I don't know how the media could get away with constantly describing Obama as a little genius. Maybe they think that because he'a Marxist and a black, and for those reasons the misrepresentation has been accepted more uncritically than it should have been.

He's not even very intelligent.

In this video, Obama shows that he doesn't know the basics of American history, and - what is particularly serious - of American presidential history.

Interviewed on NBC by Savannah Guthrie, Barack Hussein says: “We make beer. First president since George Washington to make some booze in the White House”.

He's never even taken a tourist tour of the White House, otherwise he would know that this august building hadn't yet been constructed at the time of Washington's presidency, and the first president to live in it was John Adams, the second President of the US.

The White House was built between 1792 and 1800, when, although incomplete, it became livable.  In 1800 John and Abigail Adams moved in when the rooms were still unfinished.

When the third president, Thomas Jefferson, went to live in it in 1801, most of the outside structures were finished.

Perhaps Barack Hussein doesn't feel enough loyalty for America to experience the need to learn this great nation's history at primary school level. Perhaps it's not even his nation.


  1. Obama wants to destroy America and Europe and supports uncontrolled immigration into white countries. He and his vile mulatto friends have done everything in their power to get revenge.

    Problem is negroes are not fit to run countries and they will never get revenge. The horrible negroes commit violent crime against one another at incredible levels and then riot when a cop shoots a negro in defense. In any given year negroes kill other negros at about a level of 40 times the amount cops kill negroes. The only epidemic America has is a negro epidemic. Send em all to Africa.

  2. Your blatant hatred of blacks is shocking. And the comment atop is shamefull hence the anonymity.
    This is disappointing and quite sad

    1. You cannot discount what "anonymous" says by responding with words like hatred, shocking, shameful and disappointing. Obama has made clear moves and used words that would indicate he does want to unravel America. Also, his stats are close to what I have also read.
      Address his points...
      I am not racist, but let's deal with truth... For that is the only way to get at real solutions-when you start with truth and NOT enmity.