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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Legalising Man-Dolphin Marriage Is Next

Love affair between man and dolphin

Why shouldn't this man be (or have been) allowed to marry his dolphin sweetheart?

After all, it's only "love" that matters in holy matrimony, not building a family and a safe environment in which to raise kids.

It's all to do with "feelings" these days, little else is important, and obviously we are here talking about the feelings of adults. (The feelings of children of anomalous families carry little weight.) Love in particular, however defined. For some people, like paedophile Oscar Wilde who was paying to have sex with working-class rent boys, the definition of love is lust.

A man says he fell in love with a female dolphin, Dolly, in the 1970s and had a sexual relationship with her for a year.

In addition to this, there is the terrible reality of the captivity of Dolly at Floridaland amusement park (now fortunately defunct), where she was a "performing dolphin".

He claimed the encounter took place because Dolly seduced him.
Malcolm Brenner, 63, claims that he fell for Dolly, a bottlenose dolphin who lived at the now-defunct Floridaland theme park in Sarasota, after her amorous advances.

Brenner told the story of their year-long affair relationship again in Dolphin Love, a new film which premiered last week at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Slamdance, which takes place at the same time as the more famous Sundance film festival, is seen as its edgier alternative and hosts more niche films.
In the fifteen-minute video, Brenner describes in detail the sexual relationship, which he claims was consensual.
Brenner's acts would be illegal today. But Florida only enacted a law banning bestiality in 2011, so the encounter he described in 1971 would not be covered.
I suppose such a law was not necessary then, but nowadays we are much more "progressive" and zoophiles have become a common occurrence.

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