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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Being Critical of Jews Is the Ultimate Taboo

Published on The Occidental Observer

By Enza Ferreri

Nobody – or hardly anybody - ever talks about how Palestinian Christians are treated in Israel. The reason is very probably what I found out for myself when I published an article on my blog about how Israel is not such a haven for Christians and received abusive comments from a couple of (anonymous) usual suspects.

As these positions deserve to be exposed, I decided to reply to them in a new article: this.

The first comment is in answer to the point I made that what happens to Christians in Israel is usually favourably compared with what happens to them in Islamic countries. But is that the right comparison? Isn't Israel supposed to be democratic and Western?

Therefore, Israel should be judged by that standard and the way Christians and Christianity are treated in Israel compared with the way minorities and their religions (including Jews and Judaism) are treated in Western countries.

The first anonymous commenter says:
It's the opposite the aggression in Israel is done by arrogant antisemites, the cameras only roll when a Jew gets angry enough to respond, Christians set Jews up in Israel just like they do everywhere else. Where do you think Muslims learned these tricks?
The second anonymous commenter maintains (I’m reproducing the comment with all its mistakes):
No western standards , you are soi wrong about this it's scary. 300,000 antisemites marched through France last year, what about the treatment of Jews in your beloved Italy, proof Jews have been there for 2300 years such as caves, where are the Jews of Ita;y, how many vilent antisemitic incidents in Italy/ I think it is nearly 2 billion at this point in histopry. They have accused orthodox Jews of spitting everyone and they never actually do it. If you are so evil and blind that you can't see the media and many individuals lie about Israel, you shouldn't be alive. Then you falsely claim that Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post are standard papers, something you would not do for any other subject except to selectively prove your antisemitic thievery and lying point. haaratz has a daily article about how evil any religious Jews are and the the Jerusalem Post does too. You are wrong on this, the Western countries has and does treat Jews especially in Europe, worse than all other peoples combined. You are just bullying thye Jews with oibvious antisemitic bias and the same types of tricks Muslims use, in the media. Christians are treated better in Israel by infinity than Jews were in any Western country. Definitely Italy.
My dear anonymous friends (both of you), I wanted to answer you but I realise that you've done it very well by yourself.

By skipping arguments and launching into vituperative attacks without substantiating the wildest claims ("almost 2 billion anti-Semitic incidents" in Italy alone! I suppose it could be right if you consider anti-Semitic anyone who disagrees with you), you have demonstrated that my point was correct.

There is indeed a real question that dares not speak its name.

And it doesn't dare because you try to silence all criticisms of Israel or Jewish culture or behaviour with tired, old accusations of anti-Semitism (when not out-and-out neo-Nazism).

This reminds me of something. Oh, yes, your favourite people. Muslims try to silence all criticisms of Islam in the same way. Just replace "anti-Semitic" with "Islamophobic" and "neo-Nazi" with "racist".

I've read a very apt epigrammatic definition of anti-Semitism: "Once anti-Semitism was hate of the Jews, now it has become saying anything that Jews hate."

This is the ultimate taboo, an extremely fierce one. Anyone can be criticised except Jews. I know that I can write unfavourably about Muslims (that is actually easy these days), black people, homosexualists, Third World immigrants, non-whites in general. But on the rare – albeit very recently increasing – occasions I have criticised anything to do with Jewry, I have been insulted.

It's highly disingenuous of you to talk about anti-Semitism on the rise in Europe when you know very well that this is not due to the native Western people but to the immigrant Muslims. And immigrant Jews in the West have always been at the forefront of support for unlimited immigration and multiculturalism. Now they don't want to lie in the bed they've made for themselves. They move to Israel. Too bad indigenous, Gentile Europeans haven't stolen Arab lands to go to and establish an ultra-nationalist state where the "other" is treated as a second-class citizen.

It doesn't matter how long you've lived in a country (even 2,300 years as you say), if all this time you've cultivated your separateness, as Professor Kevin MacDonald documents, and considered yourself part of a group of superior humanity, the chosen people.

I've heard before all these stories of all sorts of people who set up the Jews, and I must say that sometimes I've fallen for them. But you can't fool all people all the time.

Interesting how neither of you could answer the documented fact that Israeli legislators have ripped up the New Testament and called for its burning, or the attacks on churches and writings of "Death to Christians". Are they all set-ups?

For letting people know about these truths you think I deserve to die: "You shouldn't be alive", as you nicely put it. So much for considering yourself victims. Now I know even better what must be like to be a Christian in Israel.

The author of the YouTube video above introduces it thus:

"It is becoming a common occurrence in Israel to hear about Jews burning churches, spitting on Christian clerics, burning Christian Bibles and intimidating and harassing other Jews who believe in Jesus. Unfortunately this is almost unheard of from the Western media. If it was not for the internet this would be unknown to millions of people around the world.
Here I am presenting one example of the rampant discrimination and xenophobia against Christians that exists in the "Jewish state". Please feel free to copy and post this video in other sites."


  1. Unfortunately, you have taken the acts and words of a few idiots, perhaps drinking, personally and have reacted in a manner which shows tremendous bias in reporting and I am surprised by your responses. That being said, those who carry out acts of vandalism against Christian, Jewish or Moslem buildings are sought after and, if caught, prosecuted. This is the democratic system in place.
    There are Christians living all over Israel in total freedom and I spend Christmas eve with a family in Shefaram near Nazareth. They experience the same privileges, or rights, that Jews have under the law. If fact, one in the family is a lawyer.
    You really overreacted by the nasty things being said by these handful of bigots or maybe in this video, inebriated. I don't take your response in any way as being anti-Semitic and Israel bashing is far more common and vicious than your emotional biased observations.
    Swastikas and "Hitler should have killed all the Jews" appear daily in Europe, America and South America and to conclude that these counties hate Jews would be an outrageous generalization similar to you posting this video to show how Christians are treated in Israel.
    I respect your faith and am sorry that you were so hurt and offended.

    1. Of course, the Arabs dominate world media.


    Christians are fair game.

  3. No one dare mock Jews. Jews control the media, banks, etc because they are genetically gifted merchants with some European intelligence that balances their lunatic, wandering merchant Arab genes. This allows them to shut down any anti-Jewish stuff because they are the gatekeepers of the MSM. European interpretation of speech that incites violence is more liberal than America's interpretation. Obviously this is because of their specific history; Fascism, regional wars. However Europe should think about this: "Those who make free speech impossible make violent revolution inevitable."

    The problem I have with white people supporting Christians over Jews is this: A jew is more genetically similar to a white person than a Christian Palestinian, than a Christian African etc. That Jew will fit into European society. Blacks, Arabs, Mestizos, third world races who are Christians destroy 1st world countries regardless of religion. Race first, all else second.

    1. Marcus Tullius Cicero counseled otherwise; the enemy from within, the most fearsome by far.

    2. Jews may be conspiring to overthrow capitalism with Communism. However Communism still requires a 1st world population to actually function. How would destroying America and Europe with 3rd world immigration make sense? Blacks and Mestizos are almost entirely useless and cannot maintain any sort of organization. Cuba keeps order with its military. The fact that they are communist is arbitrary.

      Jews stand to gain 0% from destroying America and Europe. Whites are the buffer between Jews and the third world hordes and without us Jews die.

      They enemies within America and Europe are the hundreds of millions of idiot Dogmatists, left and right, who believe "we are all equal," whether they get it from the New Testament or the leftist Racial Egalitarianism. Open borders to the dogmatists is welcomed.

      It is understandable that Jews are historical outcasts because they are genetic merchants. People naturally distrust merchants. We should also put pressure on Jews to maintain law since they do have a lot of power.

      Yes the Jews have done treasonous things like selling out Jesus, betraying Mohammed. However the hundreds of millions of white open borders dogmatists are traitors on a world wide scale. White invaders destroyed Rome. We can go on and on.

      Michael Savage is an American Jew who is more vocal about the destruction of America than 99.99999999999% of gentiles. The enemy from within is probably the most dangerous however the Jew is not the white person's racial enemy. This is Dogma.

    3. Black power is essentially a front run by Organized Jewry. Islamic immigration,likewise. This is verifiable. The motives one can interpret either as Tikkum olam or a means of hobbling the feared white Christian. Israel's treatment of blacks and Muslims shows which of the two is most likely.

    4. "The problem I have with white people supporting Christians over Jews is this: A jew is more genetically similar to a white person than a Christian Palestinian, than a Christian African etc. That Jew will fit into European society."

      See "ghetto". This is patently not the case.

    5. Neither blacks nor Palestinians have any sway over immigration policy in the Western world. Organized Jewry on the other hand does have an interest in avoiding any Golden Dawn-style threat to multiculturalism. What, if people start grumbling about Muslmis, if can't be long before they do the same about Jews. This is the logic, and who can fault it?


  5. I recommend Mrs Ferreri read Theodor Fritsch's book 'Riddle of The Jew's Success'. It is easily purchased on Amazon.

  6. I beg you to rethink this. By all means criticize Jews, especially leftist Jews, but do so rationally. I think you might appreciate some articles by the late traditionalist Lawrence Auster on this.

    Please stop your associations with the Occidental Observer. It will poison you and anything you touch. You are giving Searchlight and Antifa ammunition to slander +Liberty GB as Nazis. The Occidental Observer is a website dedicated to hating Jews, not rational criticism. It is run by Kevin MacDonald a professor whose theory of Jewish evolutionary interest doesn't work logically. (It is recent, limited to certain groups of Jews not all European ones, and leads to Jews reproducing at lower rates than Gentiles in the West.)

    Let me give one example of dishonesty and hatred starting with the article you link to under " Christians are treated in Israel."
    Rachel Corrie was an American MARXIST of Jewish Descent. She wasn't a christian and she didn't die for Arab Christians. She committed suicide trying to protect a Hamas weapons smuggling tunnel. After a morning protest where she riped apart an American flag, Rachel went to protect Hamas by throwing herself in front of an armored D9 Catipiller, whose driver could not see her. You can find pictures of Rachel Corrie at Marxist events. In fact google "St pancake" and you will find a lot more.

    I don't deny that Christians in Israel are not treated as well as they should be. But they have more rights than anywhere else in the region, they are the only growing group of Christians in the region, and Palestinian Christians keep trying to get into Israel. Moreover, the groups that treat Christians the worst, the anti-Zionist Haredim are anti-Zionists, who treat other Jews poorly. And Israel is cracking down on them.

    But at the end of the day, working with the Occidental Observer means that you are working with anti-Semites who hate Jews living in the West, Israel, or on earth. They are exterminationists who will admit this after a few drinks or if you piss them off online enough as I have. They are two steps away from the Nazis they so often portray as victims.

    Please stop and think.


      Stop and think, indeed. Especially when someone like Auster exposes Organized Jewry's support for mass immigration of Muslims. Tikkun olam and all that. Liberty GB is a Zionist vehicle, feeding on distaste for Muslims without exposing the strategic calculus that Auster exposes.

    2. The Occidental Observer is supportive of whites' defending themselves against concerted and organized Jewish aggression. White lives matter, too.

  7. And if there were doubts as to the veracity of this article's thesis, in the blog topic listings one can find no mention of Jews or Israel. Iron fist in velvet glove, I guess.