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Monday, 23 February 2015

Israel Is for Jew-Friendly Free Speech Only

A cartoon displayed at a Holocaust-themed contest in Iran, published on The Jerusalem Post

And I thought that Israel was all for free speech!

Didn't Netanyahu attend the Paris demonstration of the world leaders in support of freedom of expression, even to the point of physically pushing his way to the front?

From "Israel Demands UN Condemn Iran's Holocaust-Themed Cartoon Contest":
Israel’s top representative to the United Nations is demanding that the world body condemn the Iranian government for hosting a contest featuring Holocaust-themed cartoons.

Ron Prosor wrote a letter over the weekend to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and global delegates urging them to publicly censure the contest, which is scheduled to take place this coming April.

The contest organizers said the event is a response to the massacre of journalists at the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo last month. The magazine was targeted due to controversial cartoons it had published depicting Islam’s prophet, Mohammed, in humorous situations.

The organizers argued that the event is in line with Western values that preserve humans’ right to freedom of expression.

The contest winners will receive awards, while one cartoon will be chosen for exhibition at a museum featuring Palestinian works of art in Tehran.


  1. This is going to backfire on the Iranians. They're attempting to instruct the world on how it feels to have your God mocked. In this case the God is the Jews' Holocaust. The Jews, however, won't send an armed force to kill cartoonists, they'll simply complain. This will just showcase the fact that Arabs are barbaric: They use violence to silence.

    1. Although I am a Holocaust skeptic (no gas chambers and no extermination plan), I think you are right in pointing out this event as an own-goal. The Holocaust official story should be debunked seriously, not treated glibly. The stakes are way too high. For too long lies have been used to guilt-trip Western nations.

    2. Backfire is not the appropriate term. Backfire implies that an action will result in unwelcome negative consequences on the perpetrator. At worst, this will have no consequence at all.

      I believe it can only have a positive consequence, if any. I construe it as an attempt to break down taboos and to treat Israel the way they treat the rest of the world. We all think of doing this...and the Iranians ARE doing it. If that encourages a few more to question the Holocaust...publically or otherwise... then it is a worthwhile endeavor.


    3. You think the Arabs are attempting to break down taboos by criticizing the Holocaust? This implies the Arabs are trying to set a free speech precedent. That is insane. Free speech is anathema to dogmatic religious tyrants.

      This is an attempt to spite Jews. When people see Arabs attacking the Holocaust narrative they think 'wow, holocaust deniers really are lunatics." People who believe in a mystical sky father, Muslims, have no credibility to attack something based on evidence. Europe needs to reform its hate speech laws and they don't need the Arabs.

    4. I don't want Arabs in the "First World",either. I never stated that. Your problem is that you're taking sides...when ALL of the Middle East is our enemy.

      Jewish malpractice within European/American governments, think tanks, and media has brought us to where we are today....never mind what they've done to our educational system. The white man is on his knees...his culture in the dirt.

      Drawing a few cartoons should be allowed by anyone & can't possibly backfire. You think people in the "First World" don't already think them fools? How can they lose face they don't have? Arabs see the jew for what he really is & what he's done. They suffer the consequences of the jew every day. WE'RE the fools for condoning jewish behavior. If the jews weren't so fucked up, the Muslims wouldn't have started pouring into Europe, and we'd be alot better of.

      Any information regarding the true course events is welcome, in my opinion. Its guaranteed to get a few people thinking...and those that don't have their minds changed already believe in the Holocaust anyway. The more people that are exposed to the other view of the Holocaust, the better.

      If we were ever to solve the immigration & anti-white problem...we'd first have to cut the head off the snake...and that's the jew.

      Imagine a media with no jewish influence, a lobbying system with no APAIC, a Hollywood with no interracial sex, and TV without constant Anti-Christian/Anti-White innuendo.

      If that were the case, order would naturally be restored. A White, Christian Europe & America would prevail.

    5. @ anonymous of 00:27

      The burden of proof is actually on Holocaust believers, an event for which no forensic nor documentary proof exists, and the eyewitnesses to which are frankly not credible.

      And, lest this seem too fantastic, Don Heddesheimer's The First Holocaust merely collates sources quoted by sympathetic sources such as The New York Times referring to the unfolding murder of six million Jews. Of fabrication doesn't make every subsequent interation false, but it does certainly legitimize close scrutiny ("anti-Semitism") of victors' history.

    6. This is 27 anon.

      The burden of proof is ALWAYS on the person who makes the assertion.
      In my view, the evidence shows that the Nazis DID NOT HAVE the capacity to kill 6 million people in the amount of time they had. Probably around 290,000 mostly from Typhus. I won't outright say it did not occur. I believe it's a warped story to benefit the Jews. They have a history of warped victim stories; see Exodus.

      However Jews>Arabs. Arabs are animals. It doesn't make sense that Jews want to destroy the White Man's world. We are the buffer between them and the 3rd world.

    7. To anon @ 526

      I support questioning everything if you've got evidence to support your position. Questioning the Holocaust is fine. IMO probably 290,000 were killed, mostly from Typhus.

      However, the genetic merchant Jew is powerful because the 1st world runs on capitalism. The Jew conspiracy to destroy whitey doesn't make sense. We are the buffer between Jews and the 3rd world. Genetically whites are closer to Jews than they are to Arabs.

      Are they flooding white countries with immigrants? No. Idiot utopian whites are voting for candidates who support open borders, whether it's corrupt Conservatives who want cheap labor, or idealistic idiot Lefties who think we're all equal, or religious people who think we're all 'children of God.'

      Jews own the media and yes they foist horrible miscegenation on the white countries. Whites love it. They vote for Negros and Utopian liberals and conservatives who say that God loves immigration. If your TV or radio says you should allow all people in your home because we're all equal then you should be smart enough to know this is propaganda. I am white and the idiotic, naive, utopian view that my fellow whites take disgusts me. There's nothing I can do for my race when they are so stupid they ignore the truth. They will all be in hell for watching the destruction of their countries occur.


    Nothing funny about jail for non-violent dissent.

  3. I hope that my fellow whites in Europe reform these insane hate-speech laws. Jail time for Holocaust denial or statements about race is ABSOLUTELY crazy. I am an American and reading stories about people going to jail for saying hurtful things is ATROCIOUS. Immigration and hate speech laws have to be REFORMED TODAY in America and Europe.

  4. "You think the Arabs are attempting to break down taboos by criticizing the Holocaust? This implies the Arabs are trying to set a free speech precedent. That is insane. Free speech is anathema to dogmatic religious tyrants."

    No one thinks that the Iranians are Western liberals-or liberals of any kind. The problem is that in the US and its Eurosphere vassal states *Israel* is presented as a Western liberal democracy.