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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Italy's New President Defies Stereotypes

Italy's new president Sergio Mattarella holding his dying brother Piersanti, lawmaker murdered by the mafia

My friend, Italian journalist Alessandra Nucci, has written and sent me this article.


Italy has a new president, Sergio Mattarella, the first President to come from Sicily, and the brother of a lawmaker who was murdered by the mafia. The picture above shows the scene of the crime, where Mattarella, then a young university professor, is holding in his arms the body of his dying brother, Piersanti, Governor of Sicily.

In our system, it’s the Prime Minister who heads the government and gets to make the decisions, but it’s the President who is head of State and gets to decide who can be Prime Minister. Sort of like the monarch in a constitutional monarchy, but with a lot more leeway for making independent decisions.

This important figure today, because of the tragedy in his family, which he has never capitalized on, never playing the victim, can stand for the 99% of Italians who are NOT linked to the mafia and for the vast majority of the country who are even, directly or indirectly, VICTIMS of the mafia, down to even losing their lives.

So please, world, do away with your unfair stereotypes. Please realize that prejudice becomes rooted and indestructible when it is confirmed by an endless line of tv series where the noblest Italian trait is the gravity of Godfather Marlon Brando.

Not only is our real-life new President a symbol of the honesty and resilience of the average Italian, but he also disproves the loud and uncouth behavior depicted as being typical of Italians. Whatever else he may turn out to do, President Mattarella is honestly soft-spoken and dignified, a man of few words whose aplomb marks him out as more similar to an archetypical Englishman than a Sicilian.

I am sending this out because the international press very rarely says anything about Italy and if it does speak it is usually to register something that draws ridicule and scorn.


  1. #1. Italy will never live down the fact that they were an Axis power in WW2. This is because the left worships at the altar of Equality. Equalitards demand a bad guy to rally against because they need to be able to brandish their 'Good Guy' 'I'm not a Racist' badges.

    #2. Equalitards fill up the ranks of the media. This is because they believe that the Nurture part of the Nature/Nurture question is superior. They then get into positions in the media, schools, government, and the public eye in an attempt to establish an environment, the Nurture, that is responsible for influencing people in a "tolerant" direction i.e. to race and gender denial, anti-white sentiment, destruction of traditions.

    Problem is IQ is .75 to .90 heritable. Other fundamental traits are highly heritable. Several of the main predictors of a person's worth. Environment has little to do with it. The leftist fundamental view of the world is bad. Left idiots then force uncontrolled immigration onto their countries because "we're all the same" and this destroys America and Europe. Throw your TV away.

    1. True but not complete. The useful idiots support unrestricted immigration believing sincerely in the tabula rasa, the ones who actually have power and whose favour politicians court actively seek immgration by non-Europeans for economic reasons or more importantly to steer off any sort of bona fide nationalist revival. After the last war, never again must nationalism raise its ugly head is the mindset.