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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Majority of Italians Want Closed Borders

Boat full of immigrants picked up by the Italian Coast Guard off the island of Lampedusa

According to an SWG poll, 65% of Italians believe that the risk of Islamic terrorist attacks in Italy is high or very high. Of the remainder, 26% think that the risk is low, while 3% (perhaps the terrorists themselves) said that this possibility is nonexistent. 6% didn't answer.

More than half of Italians (55%) believe that immigrants (whether legal or illegal) should be rejected or Italy risks becoming the crossroads of terrorism. Only 33% are in disagreement with this statement, while 12% avoided giving an answer.

If you read the media, though, you'll think that everyone wants to welcome more immigrants. The disconnect between the country and the media is growing by the day.

Not to mention the government, where the minority - rather then majority - rule is followed.

According to another survey conducted by IXE for Agora, 63% of Italians think that Italy is not ready to deal with any terrorist acts. Of the remainder, 26% said that the country is able to respond to attacks, while 11% didn't answer. In addition, 61% of Italians said that the Muslim community is not doing enough to isolate extremists and terrorists, and only 16% believe that the Muslim community is taking a strong position of condemnation against extremists. 23% of respondents did not express an opinion.

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  1. Spain has lots of immigrants and they aren't blaming them for the crisis, they are blaming the political class. Germany has millions of immigrants and is thriving. Europe is dying its natural death. It needs more and more immigrants to keep their societies alive. Without migration, European societies and economies would bleed to death.

    Here's a new idea - get the f**k out of every Muslim country, stop killing Muslims with your bombs, soldiers, funding and discriminatory policy and let the Muslims sort out their own affairs without Western interference. Then the flow of refugees will stop... Terrorism and fight for freedom has always been there too. Unfair to single out Muslims. Germany, we Muslims will not forgive you for selling nuclear weapon submarines to Israel and giving that racist country a second nuclear strike capability. If you like Jews so much, give a piece of your own country to them as a homeland. The more Muslim countries are attacked, the more you can expect more asylum seekers to come to white countries. You only have yourself to blame.

    The crusades, colonisation of every brown and black people, slavery, the holocaust, making indigenous populations disappear ( USA CANADA AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND), the small box genocide on native Indian in north America. Tasmania is Australia has no native population because they were wiped out 200 years ago. 1 million people died in Iraq since 1990(yeah you liberated us from saddam) 500 thousand in Afghanistan dead since 2001 stealing resource from colonies( east India company any one and many many more). I gosh I could remember the whole list.such nice white Christian people eh.

    West must learn to respect and tolerate those who are different. The problem of extremism we are experiencing is not "mass immigration", immigration has been happening since the dawn of mankind. The problem we are experiencing is a direct result of lack of respect and tolerance substituted by ignorance. The problem we are experiencing is the direct result of poor consciousness and awareness of selective "information" being conveyed to us through various mainstream media sources.There's a new mainstream anti-Muslim racism that is built on fears for the survival of Western values. That's the product of a nervous society in which social betterment is becoming increasingly difficult and in which there is a sense of omnipresent competition and struggle. The emotions generated by this are often not directed at a system, but at those who are different, at foreigners. This is also launched from the political arena and absorbed at grassroots level.