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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Nazism Was Not Christian and Galloway Is Ignorant or Lying

Wewelsburg Castle's Hall of the Supreme SS Leaders, with the neo-pagan symbol of a Black Sun set into the marble floor

Two days ago's Question Time on BBC1 was one of the worst I've ever seen, beating its own record of mendacious and appalling programmes.

The panellist George Galloway described fascism as a "Christian phenomenon", whereas it's a well-established historical fact that Nazism was neo-pagan, tried to destroy Christianity in Germany and persecuted Christian clergy and churches.

The very symbol of the SS, the SS bolts or Runic "SS" (Runic "SS"), consisted of runes, signs popular in Germanic neopaganism.

Nazism wanted to replace Christianity with a "völkisch" (folkish or racial) cult, a moral doctrine derived from the pre-Christian, pagan Germanic heritage. Cultic ceremonies and rituals were part of the everyday life of the SS.

The Third Reich commissioned studies concerning the beliefs of the pre-Christianised Germanic peoples, which concluded that these pagan ancestors believed in "a grand force or a grand god in the background of the multiplicity of gods and spirits who becomes visible in a multiple way in the universe, on earth and in the life of all beings and facts".

The sun was interpreted as "only one, but a very important and significant expression (of that force or god) in the surrounding events and in the life of the ancestors".

The supreme leader of the SS Heinrich Himmler consulted seers and fortune tellers.

In 1934, the year after the Nazis took power, Himmler signed a 100-year lease to take over Wewelsburg Castle, still existing south of the town of Paderborn in Northern Westphalia, Germany, to turn it into a leadership school for the SS.

Wewelsburg Castle, supposed to be the "Centre of the World" from 1941 on, is a visual testimony to the neo-pagan nature of Nazism.

The castle, the spiritual home of Hitler's SS, where Himmler brought together his senior officers, is awash with pagan symbolism.

The photo above shows the focal point of the Wewelsburg Castle, the circular Hall of the Supreme SS Leaders, in the North Tower. The occult runic symbol of a Black Sun is set into the Hall's marble floor.

Based on a 7th-century AD fertility symbol, the Black Sun (Schwarze Sonne in German) combines the Swastika with the stylised sig-runes associated with the SS. It was the architectural symbol of the North Tower of Wewelsburg Castle's position as the centre of the Nazi world.

The sun wheel is significant for the Germanic light-and-sun mysticism which was propagated by the SS.

A round table was installed in the Hall for the SS "knights" and for pagan ceremonies exalting Himmler's form of paganism above all other world religions.

The people of the village were 98% Catholic and therefore frowned upon the presence of the SS and their pagan rituals in their midst. It seems that the villagers continued to practice their Catholic faith in the church that is only yards from the entrance to the Wewelsburg complex.

Since the fall of the Nazi regime, satanists, attracted by the pagan symbolism, have broken into the crypt in the basement of the North Tower to celebrate black masses.

Going back to Question Time, what particularly appals me is that nobody, not even supposedly Catholic co-panellist Cristina Odone, objected to Galloway's defamation of a whole religion based on an unhistorical myth.

Everyone seemed extremely worried about sparing the sensitivities of both Muslim and Jewish minorities - even to the point that telling the truth was treated respectively as "Islamophobic" or "anti-Semitic" -, but not a soul gave a damn about false accusations and insults casually thrown against Christian Gentiles, who are still the majority in this land, which is founded on Christianity.

Western societies are the only ones in the world which are more concerned about their minorities than their majorities.

This is how a society loses its identity and cohesiveness and descends into chaos followed by downfall.

Add to that the horrified way all the panel looked at Cristina Odone when the semi-conscious (posh for "half-witted") Labour shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt shouted at her while she was talking about her teachers: "They were nuns!". It looked like she had been found out as the culprit in a murder mystery.

I went to a primary school run by nuns and I'm extremely proud of it, as I am of having a Catholic background.

Odone told the Catholic Herald: "Why is it acceptable to denigrate anything Catholic but bleat tolerance about every other religion?"

Why indeed?



  2. “You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse.

    The October Revolution was not what you call in America the ‘Russian Revolution.’

    It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people.

    More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history.

    It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time.

    The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.”

    — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    1. 200 Years Together, whoever even heard of this work?

  3. Holodomor... Stalin's Jewish Commissars Genrikh Yagoda and Lazar Kaganovich committed a Ukranian genocide of 10,000,000 people in 1932...

    ISIS = Khazar = Kiev junta = Zionist IMF coup = jewish mammonism = baphomet = mahomet = muslim brotherhood = SAME DEVIL

    Jüdischen Bankiers sind überschwemmung Europa mit Muslimen und Amerika mit Dritte-Welt-Papierkorb. Religionspolizei im Besetzten Frankreich? Verhaften für Kritik an Juden? Frankreich legte Jean Marie Le Pen im Gefängnis für den Islam zu kritisieren!

    Le juive occupé gouvernement français a mis Jean-Marie Le Pen en prison pour avoir critiqué l'islam! Police religieuse French vous arrêtent pour avoir critiqué Juifs!

  4. Hitler was raised Catholic and the Nazis rose to power in a Christian dominated country. Nazism was a Christian phenomenon, deal with it

    1. The Fascists didn't do what they did because they were Christians. The majority of whites in the UK and Europe and America are Christian and they were the ones that DROVE the fascists off. Do you also mention that Christians were the people who BATTLED the fascists? No.

      Does Christianity drive people to become killer fascists? No in fact it does the opposite. This idiot Galloway probably doesn't say a word about Islam. Muslims commit terror in the name of Allah daily. He's a traitor.

    2. "Hitler was raised Catholic and the Nazis rose to power in a Christian dominated country. Nazism was a Christian phenomenon, deal with it"
      --------------you are a fool and I will decimate your position with this one fact. Jesus was ethnically a JEW.....So you are saying Hitler accepted a ethnic JEW AS HIS LORD AND SAVIOR. See when you say things like that you prove to the whole world just what a fool you are. probably good you used Anonymous to make that asinine comment.

    3. jewish mammonism = baphomet = mahomet = muslim brotherhood

      it is the same devil

    4. Украина должна забыть о Крыме и НАТО... сатанизм является еврейский культ, Они бомбили христианские сербов.

  5. I suspect that there are many schools in UK that are riddled with, and promote, Christianity. Think how many wars and deaths for which Christianity has been responsible. There are probably many Jewish schools in UK that support Judaism and the Israeli slaughter of Palestinians. Israel and America, not Muslims, are the most anti-Semitic countries in the world. Why? Because it is they who are killing Palestinians and Iraqis who are the most Semitic people in the world. European Jewry don't have an iota of Semitic blood in them.

    1. Whites have awakened and no longer listen to savages. That includes Arabs, Blacks, Mestizos and any other barbaric race. We've heard your case and we have had our suspicions confirmed: you are imbeciles.

  6. Himmler was also fascinated by Hinduism, believing in reincarnation, believing anyone he was responsible for killing would be reborn:

  7. You ever notice that few liberals criticize Islam other than some stupid cartoons? They bash Christians all day for being patriarchal, for saying that women should be mothers first, for their aversion to science, for their outdated societal structures. Islam does this and MORE. It tortures gays, women etc. and the spineless liberals are silent.

    Liberals are in awe of Islam. It is an oppressive system that smashes its adherents into dust and kills its opposition. Liberals are attempting the same tactic with Social Marxism and Political Correctness.

  8. Hitler didn't have a problem with the belief system of Christianity, he did believe that the church(es) both Catholic and Protestant ones were corrupt. Look around today...he was right.

    1. He was a statesman, and thus, TOLERATED Christianity as he also tolerated gay people. Though he promoted neither.

  9. National Socialism was nowhere near being Christian.
    Many leaders in three Reich spoke out against Christianity, including Martin Bormann, Heinrich Himmler, Alfred Rosenberg, and the Führer himself, Adolf Hitler.

    As the blog owner had already stated, even the very signs of the runes, the very concept itself, was/is a Germanic one. Christianity had not even been around when the runes were first created.
    Saying National Socialism was Christian I nature, is merely one more Jewish attempt at besmirching gentile cultures.