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Monday, 20 April 2015

Michael Jones Video on Jewish Impact on World History

Below is the first video of a series entitled "The Goy Guide to World History."

In the video, Dr. E. Michael Jones, a Catholic historian and author, editor of Culture Wars magazine (formerly called Fidelity Magazine), explains the content of his book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History (Amazon USA) (Amazon UK) .

Whatever you think of what he says, you should both watch his video and read his book if you want to open and expand your views and stop getting stuck with Islam, as if all problems ended with it.

All those who are aware of Islam and rightly opposed to it should, if they haven't already done so, take a better look at Judaism.

Only people who know very little of Judaism can think that it's doctrinally close to Christianity.

Judaism is very similar to Islam. Judaism is antithetical to Christianity.

We always invite people to take a look at and read the Quran to see for themselves what Islam is. Well, to see what Judaism is take a look at and read the Talmud, where you'll find the most hateful assertions against goyim (a highly offensive term for non-Jews, similar to the word "kaffir" in Islam), Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary.

The "Catholic Church" of the Vatican II in general and Nostra Aetate in particular had been infiltrated by crypto-Jews even at the high levels of its hyerarchies.

The real, pre-existing Catholic Church was Jewish-realist and knew how to deal with Jews: it is the only force that did know how to deal with them. In the same way as the real Catholic Church was also the only force that defeated Islam.

The video below undoubtedly introduces a very perspicacious, profound, accurate, complete and intelligent historiography of the Jewish question, one of the best I've ever encountered.

I have three prima facie objections, though:

1) is it a tested, evidence-based hypothesis that usury is the only cause of the progressive accumulation of wealth in fewer and fewer hands? If you think of a Muslim country like Saudi Arabia, totally implementing sharia law that forbids usury, you see that riches (generally from oil) are indeed in the hands of few. There may indeed be explanations for that, I don't know.

2) Michael Jones reintroduces Marx's theory of capitalists' appropriation of surplus value produced by labour. We know, and Jones knows, that Marx is one of the most potent Jewish forces responsible for the destruction of White, Christian West. How can he reconcile his two positions?

3) Michael Jones elsewhere denies to be a racist, as this would be against his Catholic beliefs. But being race-realist wouldn't be. Sometimes he appears to be opposed to race-realism too, which would be a mistake.

We were all created equal before God, but not equal in our characteristics.

Equality is an ethical prescription, not a factual description.

The second (and the last so far) video of the series will be posted tomorrow.


  1. Those who condemn usury aren't very well-versed in economics. Interest is purely the cost of time. What consitutes usury anyway? At what rate does lending go from legitimate to illegitimate, and on what objective criteria? The bird in the hand today...etc.

    What is iniquituous is lending money created ex nihilo by the banking system. The Catholic Hülsmann has written widely about the Scholastics and their appreciation of immoral and moral money production.

    P.S.: This "prove you're not a robot" hurdle is impossibly hard to jump.

  2. If the Catholic Church had had a better understanding of economics, then the practice of money-lending wouldn't have necessarily been the exclusive preserve of the Jews. The Parable of the Talents to me condones the practice of lending at interest.


    "The Culture War is over. We lost" Enter the post-Christian times with their tribulations.

  4. i assume this another blame the Jews for most of the bad things that happened in history articles. But this caused me to think if we had not had the means for people to borrow money would we have ever had the modern world. Investors are lending money yes they are expecting a greater return on their loan due to the higher risk i looked up Islam and shares www.islamic-finance,com on this aspect it says perfection may not be possible admitting an element of usury in shares and limited companies.
    More or less everything in the industrial revolution Railways for example was made possible
    by raising money through the selling of share to raise the capital to build the railways.
    It was the West that did this not the Islamic world, As the second reply says the Parable of the talents condones the practice of lending at interest,

    1. The New Right is particularly bad with this condemnation of "usury", which seems to mean whatever the critique-writer is paying on his credit card. The Jews' quasi-monopoly on money-lending and their ruthlessness in business dealings with the goyim only increased tensions between Jew and Gentile. Money itself has always generally been highly regulated by the Crown in its own interests.


    A much more convincing argument on the cause of the Roman decline is the one by Kemp.

  6. Hülsmann is one of the few Catholic economists to deal with the morality of money production.

    Michael Jones is clueless about economics, though I respect his liturgical knowledge and his insights into the Jewish Question.


  8. Mi fa gran piacere che un'Italiana capisce cosa succede nel mondo. Mi da speranza per la liberazione dell'Italia occupata dal 1943. I nemici sone sempre gli stessi e la guerra non e' finita. Auguri.