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Friday, 9 September 2016

There Is No Such Thing As Humane Slaughter

I'm not reproducing here the horrendous pictures of animals tortured in an abattoir by bored staff, filmed earlier this year by an animal protection group in (ironically named) Vigan, France.

You can see them by clicking on this link to an article in The Daily Express.

And don't think that these things don't happen in Britain. They do, as it's been repeatedly exposed in undercover reports by worthy organisations like Animal Aid.

The Animal Aid exposes have been covered by mainstream media, for example here in The Telegraph.

Make no mistake: both ritual (halal for Muslims and kosher for Jews) and nonritual slaughterhouses are horrifically cruel, although the former a bit more than the latter.

If you find even watching these graphic images hard to bear, think of the animals who must endure these ordeals on their own flesh and skin.

And, especially, think of that when you buy or eat meat.