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Tuesday 21 August 2012

Anti-Halal-Meat Campaigns on Facebook

There is a new flurry of activity of mostly British anti-halal-meat campaigns on Facebook. I have liked, joined, friended, subscribed to all I found, signed petitions, encouraged them and posted on their walls.

I invite you to do the same if you like them. Here they are.


Say NO to Halal slaughter in Skegness - it collects signatures for a petition to the East Lindsey District Council (E.L.D.C.) to stop a new halal slaughterhouse from opening in in Skegness, Lincolnshire, England. The page started less than a month ago, on 27 July, and they have already collected 566 signatures; 434 are still needed.

E.L.D.C.: Stop the Halal slaughter house opening in Skegness - this is the petition page where to sign.

Say No To Skegness Halal Slaughter House!

Boycott Halal - liked by almost 7,000 people. It's the Facebook page of the website Boycott Halal, with the tagline "It's wrong for so many reasons", which is also the collaboration of Infidels United (United we stand in defense of freedom), Boycott Halal Cause, BOYCOTT HALAL in USA, Canada, NZ & Australia.

SAY NO to Halal MEAT at Toby Carvery - targets this restaurant chain.

Say No To Halal !

Say no to halal this is my country and thats not the way we do it

I'll update this list as new campaigns and groups are formed.


  1. Makkah Market is one of the most trusted Halal Meat suppliers in the US that provides food permitted under the Islamic Dietary Guidelines with assurance of delightful flavor.
    Halal Meat

  2. Thanks for this Blog - This is Excellent Publicity.
    I hate the thought of eating unlabelled halal ritually slaughtered meat - and when I check out the EU MEAT CODES that is what I am finding in ALL supermarkets - especially on the cheapest value lines of meat.
    I want traditional meat and traditional products and I resent the fact that money is being channelled out of out economies towards Islamic ends through halal certification. STOP Buying halal, to SLOW Demand & DECREASE Production.

  3. In a decent society and in the interests of fairness all Halal meat should be clearly labelled and not little signs either, so that consumers can refuse to buy it if they do not follow Islam.
    To only offer halal meat should be punished by non muslim consumers refusing to shop at an establishment until they have a parity.
    Vote with your chequebook.
    The alternative is to not vote for politicians that won't protect your rights by allowing an environment that forces you to buy meat killed and prayed over by religionists.

    1. For your information, it is labelled in the market. Go look around with your own eyes and research

    2. No, it is not properly labelled in many cases:

  4. There are two issues here :-
    1. Animal welfare regulations
    2. Consumer choice.

    1. I am not going to get into a discussion as to whether ritual slaughter is crueller than mainstram slaughter or not. However, I must point out that the exemption to the proper stunning requirements (ie stun-to-kill ) are only allowed, under Statute, for meat to be produced for the consumption of the religious group ONLY. It should not be going into the mainstream supply. (please note that some muslim groups will accept a minimal stun which only immobilises the animal temporarily but does not render it insensitive to pain.) IMO this is worse than no stun at all.
    2. In order to give consumers informed choice it should be labelled as a product of religious slaughter, whether it has been stunned or not. Please be aware that even if the meat has gone through the ritual slaughter process, including prayers, it can still be rejected at the end of it due to contamination etc. and cannot be classed as "halal". These rejects find their way into the mainstream meat supply which can be eaten by non-muslims.

  5. Please support this petition against the ghastly a and unbelievably cruel Halal Slaughter. A group is set to promote this filth at London's Excel fr three days, 27 - 29 September, the more decent flk who support this, the more chance we have of making more people aware.

    1. I have signed the petition and encouraged my colleagues of the new party Liberty GB to do the same.

      LibGB has taken a strong stance against halal.


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