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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Immigration Is Killing Sweden's Welfare State

Fires and police during a disturbance in Rosengård, a district of Malmö home to a high concentration of immigrants, Sweden

Swedish Professor Karl-Olov Arnstberg and sociologist/journalist Gunnar Sandelin are about to publish a new book about the alarming situation and consequences of immigration in Sweden. They submitted an op-ed about it to every major Swedish mainstream media outlet, and all without exception refused to publish it. Exactly as the article says, “this is an issue that is not to be discussed.”

That immigration, whose main merit, apart of course from the cultural "enrichment", was always trumpeted by the multicultists and the Leftists as the economic benefit it would bring to the host countries, has in reality been bleeding European economies and exacerbating the unemployment of the indigenous populations, is becoming increasingly evident.

So much so that someone has proposed that European countries have enough justification to expel Third World immigrants, particularly Muslims, on financial grounds alone.

Prominent German journalist Udo Ulfkotte has made it clear: "Muslim immigrants in Germany up until 2007, Dr Ulfkotte explains, "have taken 1 billion euros more out of our social welfare system than they have paid into our system". To give a better idea of the magnitude of this figure and put it into perspective, he adds that the total debt of the German government is 1.7 billion euros. Expelling Muslims, therefore, will help Europe fight its financial crisis."

Somali immigrants in Sweden

The article about the new Swedish book described above has been translated by Gates of Vienna, and is really worth reading. Here are the most interesting excerpts:
Sweden is set to burst — the question is when

The welfare state will fall apart within a few years if this situation is allowed to continue. But this is an issue that is not to be discussed.
Sweden cannot cope with this much immigration

A professor of ethnology and a sociologist/journalist: Swedish politicians have lost control of immigration. The costs are escalating, the housing situation is desperate, unemployment is on the rise and segregation may be described as dramatic.

In 2012 the Migration Board (Migrationsverket) issued approximately 111,000 residence permits.
Many illiterates

Immigration has gradually changed. An earlier wide spectrum of immigrants has been replaced by asylum seekers from mainly Muslim countries such as Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan. These asylum seekers are ill-equipped for life in the high-tech Swedish society. Employment statistics show that over 60 percent of the new arrivals and their relatives have a very “rudimentary education”, which means that many of them are actual or practical illiterates. This makes it particularly difficult for them to find employment. According to Eurostat, only 2.5 percent of the jobs are available for them [based on their qualifications — translator] compared with other EU countries where jobs for workers without any formal qualifications amount to 17 percent. This means that there are extremely few jobs on offer for asylum seekers and their dependents who are allowed to stay in Sweden. As a result, the already large employment gap of 27 percent between domestic-and foreign-born persons aged 25-64 is increasing (SCB, 2012). The prestigious English magazine The Economist noted in February that a large proportion of the non-European immigrants that are allowed to settle in Sweden end up living on the dole.

21 percent are refugees

Every asylum seeker is described as a “refugee” by the media. This is not true, because the definition of “refugee” is tied to the Geneva Convention and the Immigration Act. Of all the asylum seekers that were allowed to stay in Sweden under Fredrik Reinfeldt’s prime ministership, up until 2013, only 21 per cent were refugees. If we go as far back as 1980 the corresponding figure is considerably lower, only 10 percent.
In recent years the number of individuals that have managed to obtain family reunification visas is three times higher than those that have been granted political asylum. The majority of the family reunification applications involves newly established relationships. In other words, it’s not family reunification per se, but rather partners who are being brought over from the applicants’ former homelands. It should also be noted that Sweden, as far as we’ve been able to determine, is the only country that allows welfare recipients to bring over relatives to Sweden who are also very likely to end up living on welfare. The general rule in the rest of Europe is that anyone who brings over family members or partners is financially responsible for them. According to Minister of Immigration Tobias Billström, fewer than one percent of those that are issued with family reunification visas manage to provide for themselves.
Rikskriminalen (National bureau of Investigation) estimated in 2010 that approximately 90 to 95 percent of all the asylum seekers that arrive in Sweden were aided by human traffickers. The asylum seekers come mainly from Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan. The traffickers provide believable refugee stories that the asylum seekers can present to the immigration authorities. Asylum seekers are also advised not to show passports or other appropriate ID documents. Subsequently almost nine out of ten applicants have at the time of application not produced a valid passport to Swedish authorities. The refugee policy cannot be referred to as a humane policy as long as Sweden keeps eroding the right of political asylum for the truly needy by granting political asylum to people who are unable to reveal their true identity and their true intentions.
In September 2012 fifteen local Social-democratic politicians in the Stockholm region raised the alarm about the housing situation... The reason, of course, was a severe lack of housing... But it’s not just the lack of housing that is problematic. If we leave the Stockholm area and take a look at Katrineholm, the Social Services statistical database shows that of the foreign-born citizens in the city, which in 2011 accounted for 14 percent, 67 percent were on municipal income support. This is a representative figure. In 2011 the foreign-born living on income support (including establishment allowance) were over-represented on the statistics by a factor of 8.6 (or 860 percent), compared to native Swedes.

What is the cost of the immigration?
...Associate Professor of Economics Jan Tullberg, who teaches at the Stockholm School has, in our upcoming book Invandring och mörkläggning (Debattförlaget) [“Immigration and blackout”, Debate Publisher], upgraded the costs to just over three per cent of GDP, which is around SEK 110 billion per year. This is almost half of the overall cost of Swedish health care, or an additional annual net income of SEK 23,000 per employed person.

Tullberg believes that Sweden should curb immigration and do more to get the unemployed back into the workforce. The labour migration from outside the EU / EFTA states largely confirms this: In the last four years, according to the Swedish Migration Board, 43 percent of all the job migrants come to perform unskilled work, while at the same time half a million people are unemployed in Sweden.
When Tobias Billström, the only politician in the government [willing to speak out], suggested that “we need to discuss volume”, i.e. the amount of immigration, he was met by massive media criticism and was not even supported by his own party leader. There is only one possible conclusion. Unless the trend described above is altered, Sweden’s status as a welfare state will soon be history.


  1. This situation is typical of the immigration fiasco throughout Europe and North America. It is obviously insane to allow masses of unskilled, illiterate and innumerate people from countries that have no safety net into the welfare states (and believe me, the US is as much a welfare state as Britain, Germany or Sweden, etc.) of the West. What is not much appreciated is that during the great European migrations of the early 20th century to US, Australia, Canada, etc. as many as 30% of the immigrants returned home simply because it was too difficult to make a living. There was no welfare state, you had to earn a living, and believe me, speaking as an immigrant to Canada and the US myself, that is not so easy.
    Another problem is that, for various reasons, the African, Arab and Asian immigrants are low IQ and come from countries and societies where actions that are clearly criminal in the West (rape particularly) are tolerated and even celebrated.
    The scale of this blunder is becoming more apparent, I fear that a new generation of European youth will decide that they will not accept the consequences of the mistakes made by their parents/grandparents and will react violently to this unprecedented invasion and milking of their societies.
    roger in florida

  2. Immigrants are the bedrock of British society. Prince Phillip is an immigrant and the Queen is descended from a German. The gene pool is improved by immigrants. Immigrants make a country stronger. We need more not less. The only reason the three main parties are "appearing" to toughen their stance on immigration is solely because of UKIP. Atter calling the majority of voters concerned about immigration "racists" for many many years, it is absolutely sickening that the Liberals and Labour are now changing their tune just to stop voters deserting to UKIP after the Eastleigh By-Election. What absolute and utter hypocrisy! I hope at future elections voters desert the three main parties in droves.

    Tony Blair has defended his immigration policies warning that people who come to Britain have played a positive role and they should not be made a “scapegoat for our problems”. The former Prime Minister suggested that the debate over immigration should be “handled with care” as he indicated it could descend into racism and nationalism.. It's important that we do that,” he said. “But overall I would like to say that I think immigration has been good for Britain and most immigrants have assimilated well. So don't make them a scapegoat for our problems.”

    Look around you. Most people love the diversity of multi-cultural Britain. The young adore it. Its only a few noisy Alf Garnets, who history is passing by, who just do not have the intelligence to see their pathetic racist arguments are utterly illogical and worthless. They are passing away daily. Britain today is a multi-cultural society. It will not go backwards. The Alf Garnett UKIP racists (Dave was not wrong) are whistling against the winds of history. We want immigration. We want to ensure we have the tax income to care for our elderly. According to todays Daily Mail "Welfare spending has been pushed up by a 30% leap in the numbers turning 65. More than 720,000 reached that age last year. The biggest number ever". Where is the money going to come from? The elderly are looked after in their old age? If you think your mean spirited racist views will defeat this reality you are living on another planet. You are absolutely entitled to free speech. But free speech not based on facts and reality is simply hot air.

    I'm pretty sure the worldwide global crash, little emphasis on skills and an uncompetitive Britain made working classes poor, not immigrants who have always had to be well educated to live here.It is extremely easy to find recent immigrants, who are not well educated' - depending on how one qualifies 'well educated' of course!
    Iftikhar Ahmad
    London School of Islamics Trust

    1. What a crock. "London School of Islamics Trust". That says it all. The wholesale import into Britain of third world garbage has destroyed British society, but hey, people like you can enjoy the fruits of a free society while you work to destroy it, and then, if you are successful, voila! you will be living in the same hellhole you fled from, just with a worse climate.
      Let us get a couple of things clear: It isn't your skin color that disgusts us, it is your belief in an ignorant, violent, death cult of loathsome religious fascism. It is your rejection of the secular state, the rejection of the equality of men and women, the need for rule by priests (who are, be definition liars), the rejection of democratic rule in favor of absolutist superstition. Every utterance of yours makes me sick, you are sub-human, your mind is a foul cess pit of insanity.
      We will not stand idly by while scum such as you destroy civilization. Be warned.
      roger in florida

  3. Herr Ulfkotte said in German "Billion". That translates to trillion in English!


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