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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Anti-white Racism Growing in France

In France, cases of anti-white racism have recently started being tried in court, with anti-white racism as an aggravating circumstance, following the pattern of other cases of racism.

That happened when a young man at the Paris Station Gare du Nord was attacked with a knife without apparent reason by three men shouting "dirty French" and "gawerer" ("dirty white" in Arabic). Witnesses heard the insults.

In Toulouse, Houria Bouteldja, the spokeswoman for a movement representing immigrants from France's former colonies, went on trial for insulting white French and was charged with "racial injury":
Bouteldja, of the movement Indigenes of the Republic, called native white French "souchiens" in a TV interview. The word derives from "souche," or stock, as native white French are commonly called, but could sound like a hyphenated word meaning "lower than a dog."
A study from the French government's statistical agency INED has brought to light that 18% of French "indigenes" (who are neither immigrants nor the children of immigrants) have been the target of racist insults, remarks or attitudes.

Politician Jean-François Copé, who wants to succeed ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy at the head of France’s main right-wing party, has written a book, excerpts from which were published in Le Figaro newspaper.

In the book he says that more and more inhabitants of Meaux, the town of which he is mayor, complain of being victims of anti-white racism. He writes:
An ‘anti-white racism’ is developing in neighbourhoods of our towns where individuals – some of whom have French nationality – express contempt for French people, calling them ‘Gaulois’, on the basis that they are not of the same religion, the same skin colour or the same origins as them.
Despite the predictable protests against the book by the Left, even the Socialist Party's spokesperson Najat Vallaud-Belkacem had mentioned “anti-white racism” in her book Raison de plus!.
“Copé can’t make his mind up whether to be the spitting image of Sarkozy or the parrot of Marine Le Pen,” tweeted the newly appointed leader of the Socialist Party, Harlem Désir, who started his political career at the head of the anti-racism campaign SOS-racisme.
It is worth mentioning that Harlem Désir, the first black to lead a major European political party, has a criminal conviction, having "served 18 months in prison for fraud related to an immigrants rights group he was with".
The “anti-white racism” is manifested according to Copé “by the fact that there are areas where it is not good to be a woman, be white… some of our countrymen to flee the area where they live because they understand that they are not at home, it is unbearable,” he said.
More quote from Copé's book:
I hear more and more people complain of Meaux and this racism is as unacceptable as any other form of racism and we must denounce it as we condemn all other discrimination. I know I broke a taboo by using the term “anti-white” but I do deliberately, because it is the truth that some of our citizens live this way and silence exacerbates the trauma.

These phenomena are impossible to see from Paris, in the media and political spheres where the vast majority of officers are French of white skin born of French parents. In these microcosms, the lack of diversity limits the presence of people of color or of foreign origin. But let’s face it: the situation is reversed in many parts of our suburbs.
Of course, if you decide by diktat that only whites can be racist, as ex-London-mayor Ken Livingstone's former senior advisor on race policy Lee Jasper did, then the problem is solved, right? Or, more likely, enouncing this statement is in itself another sign of anti-white racism.

If you consider that Lee Jasper is currently also co-chairman of Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts, chair of the London Race & Criminal Justice Consortium, political adviser to the 1990 Trust and board member of Lambeth Police Consultative Group, no less, you start getting an idea of why anti-white racism is on the rise in the UK as well, and indeed throughout the West.

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