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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Muslim Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Raping Dog in Italy

Another case of a Muslim raping animals.

In Spain a few months ago a Muslim had killed a horse by anally raping him, and now in Italy an illegal immigrant, an unemployed Moroccan has been arrested for repeatedly raping a dog on a farm in Sicily.

The 32-year-old-man was caught in the act by CCTV cameras.

He had previously spread panic in the countryside near the town of Ragusa by committing two arsons, the second of which on Boxing Day, causing damage for tens of thousands of euros to two local farms, by the use of a lighter.

But that's not enough. He was responsible for the theft of electrical appliances, farm equipment, clothes and food.

In Muslim countries the practice of having sex with and raping animals is much more common than we think.

In Pakistan, a donkey was honour killed after being raped, a treatment ususally reserved to Muslim women. From Wikipedia:
Karo-kari is part of cultural tradition in Pakistan and is a compound word literally meaning “black male” (Karo) and “black female (Kari), in metaphoric terms for adulterer and adulteress. Once labeled as a Kari, male family members get the self-authorized justification to kill her and the co-accused Karo to restore family honor, although in the majority of cases the victim is female, while the murderers are male.


  1. they are animals !!!!!!!!!!! no no animals are much better then muslims !!!

  2. I guess farmers should be careful with their sheep...

  3. is anyone surprised.....

  4. ....and shiploads of these people are headed to Italy as we read this....good luck Europe.

  5. When Rover came over, he drove Rover, because he had a bone of his own.

  6. Keep Obama away from the zoo.

  7. I hope these sick bastards are severely punished. Maybe in jail they'll get a taste of what they did to the poor animals.....I hope they do, many times a day. How about we make the sick scumbags real asylum seekers and ensure they truly do need asylum ... from Europe.