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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

UK: Mainstream Muslims Want Blasphemers of Islam Punished According to Sharia Law

The above video is a Channel 4 (UK TV network) documentary aired some time ago but just posted on YouTube, showing how even those who are considered "moderate" Muslims have for all intents and purposes very non-moderate views, like advocating punishment - in some cases beheading - for those who insult Islam.

Reporter Jon Snow concludes - what a surprise! - that there is no common ground between them and our Western values, like freedom of speech. Therefore, he says, we must self-censor or expect mayhem.

There is a third possibility, Jon: Muslims living in Muslim countries and leaving the Western world alone.

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  1. Sadly, our rulers, being of the same ilk as Jon Snow, are likely to draw the same conclusion as he does.