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Friday, 19 July 2013

Journalist Enza Ferreri Joins Liberty GB Executive Council

Liberty GB leaflet against halal meat and the Islamisation of Britain

Below is an announcement from the website of my party Liberty GB. Above is our new leaflet against halal meat and the Islamisation of Britain.

We are delighted to welcome Enza Ferreri to the Liberty GB Executive Council, to fill the currently vacant role of Press Officer. Enza is an experienced journalist who has written many outstanding articles for this website and for major European and US websites, and has helped shape Liberty GB's philosophy and policies. She will be an invaluable addition to the team.


I am Italian, I was born and grew up in Viareggio, a seaside resort on the coast of Tuscany, a few miles from Pisa, whose university I attended.

I came to live in London in 1984 partly because I loved England (and partly because I've always wanted to be where I was not).

My attraction for Britain began when I was 13, in 1967, due to my fascination with the Rolling Stones and 'Swinging London'. The fact that I've always been a passionate animal lover and Britain had then the most advanced animal welfare movement in the world reinforced my preference. I saw Britain as a land of freedom and solid moral values.

You can then imagine my disappointment when I witnessed Britain descend into the current multicultural abyss. I may as well have gone to Pakistan, Nigeria, Lybia or Egypt.

I don't want to convey the impression that I don't love Italy. Typical to my nature, since I've been here I started seeing my country of birth's good aspects, such as the fact that Italy is home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and to half of the world's great art treasures.

My being Italian can actually help our party establish connections with like-minded parties in Italy.

One thing I had was a good education, in which Italy, in fairness, excelled, at least at that time. The secondary school I attended was the Liceo Classico, where among other things I studied Latin and ancient Greek, for which I am grateful because this is the basis – along with Christianity – of Western civilisation. Latin is a very logical language and it teaches you to think analytically. Later I got a degree in Philosophy from the University of Pisa. I am interested in the theoretical foundations of things, in philosophy and science.

But I also want practical action, to make a change in the world. That's why I became a journalist, corresponding from London for the Italian press, initially almost exclusively on animal issues. I saw journalism as a political activity.

I suppose this is why Liberty GB offered me the role of Press Officer. I have a fair idea of how the media think, what interests them in a story.

When Liberty GB was formed I immediately became very enthusiastic about it. I believe our party has enormous potential. People are deeply disappointed with the current political elite and the social chaos it has created. They are unhappy about the results, but don't yet clearly see the causes. Liberty GB will grow and achieve its goals if we manage – and I don't see any reason why we shouldn't be able to do so – to explain that what people don't like in today's Britain is caused by the current dominant political ideology, cultural Marxism, and give them a much better, constructive alternative.

It ain't over yet. Demography is not our destiny. If it were, then we would easily win the battle, because we are still the great majority. But the majority is not fighting Islamisation. Why? Because it has been indoctrinated by 6-7 decades of cultural Marxism.

We need to reverse that brainwashing. That is our priority. To fight Islam, mass immigration, the EU or any other evil the Left has thrown at us, which are the symptoms, without addressing the ideology they stem from, which is the disease, would be like curing a headache without treating the underlying brain tumour.

Antonio Gramsci was right: we need to win the cultural war and wake up the consciousness of people before we can win the political war. The Left did it and won; now it's our turn, we'll do the same.

This is why militant atheists like Pat Condell and the late Christopher Hitchens who are anti-Christianity as well as anti-Islam help, whether they like it or not, the Islamisation of Britain. I believe that without Christianity, at least as a system of ethics if not of theology, Britain will become Muslim. Unlike individuals, societies cannot be atheist. For reasons of space, I'll explain why in a future article. Suffice it to say that Christianity has always been the great target of socio-communism and other would-be destroyers of Western civilisation.

And also, this is why what Americans call the 'culture wars', on issues like abortion on demand, the fatherless society, the destruction of the family and the normalisation of homosexuality, must necessarily be fought if we want to go to the root of the problem and not just deal with the surface. We should devote more attention to the same-sex marriage bill about to become British law, a terrible blow to both the institution of marriage and freedom of speech, since opponents will be silenced in any possible way. Our enemies, the elites, the establishment, will get stronger because of that.

I think that campaigns with very specific targets – an example of which is our anti-halal-meat campaign about to be launched with leaflets and a petition – are very useful because, by focusing on a particular topic, they may attract more attention and unite people on something they feel strongly about. It's a little bit like the tactic used by magazines of focusing on an individual case of a person or a family when introducing a wider topic. People relate better to a larger issue by starting with a particular, specific way of looking at it. Other examples, in relation to Islam, may be anti-mosque and anti-paedophile-rings campaigns.

Halal meat is an ideal target not only because many people care about the animal welfare concerns ritual slaughter raises and are not prepared to tolerate it, but also because it very clearly demonstrates the impossibility to accommodate our values with those of Islam and how in this conflict we'll always lose since Islamic supremacism will force itself on us and we'll have no choice but submit to Sharia law. Non-Muslims are, against their knowledge, eating halal meat, whether they like it or not.

Liberty GB's Executive Council comprises very able people, each with different skills and expertise that complement and complete those of the others.

I can see no reason why we should not succeed. | Follow on Facebook enza.ferreri | Save the West | Follow on Twitter @EnzaFerreri


  1. Congratulations on your new position as Press Officer of the Liberty GB Executive Council. Having read your posts on this website for some time, I do not doubt you shall fill it with distinction.

  2. You rock please never stop doing what you do


  4. Hi Enza, Thanks for joining the Liberty GB team. You are really needed. More rage and pride in Oriana's footsteps; or should that be keystrokes.

  5. Congratulations, Enza! I am a guy from Spain and I read you regularly. Although I usually agree with you, this post nails it. I want to thank you for your work in favor of saving the West. There are many people who agree with you. It is only that they have been so thoroughly indoctrinated by the Left that they don't dare to speak up.

  6. Congratulations. You're a great writer.
    The only thing I'd disagree with is saying that Pat Condell does harm.
    His atheism is his own concern. It won't be his own concern under Islam.

    I think atheists are beginning to understand this but most of them will not stand up because primarily atheism has always been about trashing traditional values.
    Now they sit anchorless in a harbour of values that no longer belong to them.
    I don't think Pat Condell falls into this category.

    He does less harm I think than many Church leaders will do and have done I fear.
    They are the greatest catastrophe to befall the Church in modern times and not only the Church.
    They have forsaken Christians in the middle east and thus they are themselves forsaken and beyond contempt.

    1. Thank you Anukem.

      It's not Pat Condell's atheism that I object to. I was an atheist myself almost my adult life, although now I am agnostic. It is Condell's attacks on Christianity that help Islamisation. Christianity is the foundation and the backbone of the West, as an ethical system at the very least, even if not necessarily as a theological one.

      Oriana Fallaci called herself an "atheist Christian".

    2. Sure I understand and agree. I was an atheist in my early teens but have since matured, only a little bit but enough.

      I just don't think most Christians really care what Pat Condell says about their faith. I know I don't. It's become a kind of background noise.

      That background noise is something we just have to deal with.
      Islam has had no problem dealing with it and in fact it's more of a help than a hindrance for them as you point out.

  7. roger in florida20 July 2013 at 21:45

    Ms. Ferreri,
    That is great news! I am sure you will be a very valuable addition to liberty GB. I hope you will still have time to write for Front Page and your other US outlets. I feel very happy for you,
    best wishes
    roger in florida

  8. Cara Enza ,
    sono un novarese che ti segue da qualche giorno.Condivido quasi completamente le idee tue e di Weston .Hai ragione,l'Islam puo' essere contrastato solo con il recupero del Cristianesimo ,almeno a livello morale ,l'ateismo alla Condell gli fa solo il solletico. Pero',non e'troppo tardi ? Come contrasterete i media , i 'sinistri',l'elite politica tutta o quasi pro E.U. e il generale appeasement verso il nemico (UKIP compreso -pero'la posizione UKIP lascia spazio a voi).Avremo tempo per discuterne ,questione italiana compresa.Per stavolta scrivo in italiano , dalla prossima provo in inglese !Tieni duro perché sarai immediatamente attaccata a destra e a manca (fascista,razzista,islamofoba,omofoba,right-wing, White supremacist etc.... )In bocca al lupo o,come preferisci, in c... alla balena !!Marco

    1. Caro Marco,

      ti ringrazio di cuore. Se, come suppongo, sei lo stesso Marco che ha scritto un commento sul mio post sul vento islamico in Gran Bretagna, il tuo inglese e' ottimo.

      Ma si' che sei lo stesso, riconosco lo stesso tipo di domande difficili.

      Non posso che darti ragione, e' una strada ardua, ma ho fiducia.

      Sono contentissima di discutere con te anche la questione italiana. Non so se hai visto il mio articolo su Lampedusa su FrontPage Mag, che e' adesso sul mio blog.

  9. Gentile Signora,
    anche in Italia siamo decisi a interdire la "islamzzazione". Da Noi abbiamo abbastanza leggi esigendo il rispetto delle quali, il problema islamico si ridurrebbe a un "semplice" problema di gendarmeria. Invece, grazie alla nostrana codardia, sta diventando un enorme problema politico. Un po' come in Gran Bretagna... .Buon lavoro! GM