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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Femen's Violent, Anti-Christian Matriarchy Would Be Hell

Femen is a group of disgusting feminists whose main purpose seems to be aggression and ferocious attacks against Christianity and its symbols. They can't be offended for being called "disgusting" because disgust is what they constantly try to provoke in normal people.

I wonder how these men-haters would fare in non-Christian societies, like Muslim ones, for example.

Freedom of expression is for everything, of course: repugnant and meaningless displays of vulgarity as well as reasoned discourse, unworthy as well as valuable communications.

But at least we should recognise that some people use it in a mindless way, just to offend without a real objective.

And anyway, exhibitions of Femen's rotten anti-aesthetical sense in churches do violate the law, since they trespass on private property, as was the case of those "sex workers", as the politically-correct expression goes, of Pussy Riot in Russia.

Say what you like but I've signed on L'observatoire de la Christianophobie the French petition to call for the dissolution of the group Femen and the expulsion of its leader, written by the association Defensor Christi, which says:
Mr. Prime Minister,

the particularly odious profanation by a young woman member of the group Femen in the church of the Madeleine in Paris, on the morning of Friday, December 20, has rightly provoked the outrage of Christians and general disapproval of politicians Left and Right.

This new desecration, occurring after those in the Notre-Dame de Paris by the same group Femen, should be treated with the utmost rigour.

Therefore we demand from your government

1. immediate dissolution of the group Femen,

2. immediate revocation of the status of "refugee" that was granted on 9 April by OFPRA to Miss Inna Shevchenko, leader of said group Femen,

3. subsequent expulsion from our country of Miss Inna Shevchenko.
A photo of the Ukrainian Inna Shevchenko can be seen in the English newspaper The Independent, accompanying an article entitled "I don't want to be liked". That she's not after likeability is just lucky, given the aesthetic appeal of the picture in question, in which she is wearing only trousers, while her topless and misshapen torso shows the red writing "Christmas is canceled" and a policeman chases her outside Saint Peter's in the Vatican.

Read this description:
...have desecrated churches... The extremists spread feces on the walls of a Russian Orthodox Church, ordering the priest to remove all Christian symbols. ”And if we didn’t do it, they’d resort to force,” the frightened priest says.
The subject of the first sentence, which I have removed, is "Roving bands of jihadists and Salafists" in Tunisia at the time of the "Arab Spring". But it might very well have been feminist or homosexual activists.

The similarity goes even further: members of Femen call their campaigns “topless Jihad”.

Since the mainstream media will only tell you the small part of the truth that doesn't ruin Femen's image, let's turn to the website A Voice for Men for some facts, all duly documented and sourced:
[W]e have been seeing, here, in Europe, some gruesome acts of vandalism throughout the year 2012 from feminist organizations such as FEMEN and Pussy Riot.

So let’s talk a bit about these FEMEN criminals who, due to the pussy pass, have avoided the jail terms that would have undoubtedly be [sic] applied had it been men who were committing the same deeds they did...

Of course, the fact that they attempted to initiate violence with police [at the 2012 London Olympics] did not actually appear in any English language newspaper, thus the ‘poor little innocent women being victimized by police brutality’ could once again be used. If the protesters were to be naked men around an Olympics venue where there are children, nobody would have questioned the actions of the police forces and placing them on a sex offenders list would have been a foregone conclusion.

But all the aforementioned protests still seem rather innocent to a certain degree.

However, in July 2012, Yana Zhdanova, a FEMEN member, came to the airport when Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, was arriving in Ukraine and ran towards him screaming ‘Get out!’ whilst her naked back contained the following message: “Kill Kirill!"

Yes, it was in English and yes she actually assaulted the Russian Orthodox cleric...

In August, Inna Șevcenko took down, with chainsaw, a wooden cross in the center of Kiev that had been erected in the memory of the people that died during the Stalinist oppression. This took place in front of the former NKVD headquarters.

That’s right, [a] monument erected from private money donated by the survivors of a real oppression, was taken down by an almost-naked feminist, because she felt that the vandals from Pussy Riot had to be set free and thus she is entitled to walk freely with a chainsaw in the center of a European capital city and take down monuments.

700 people were killed in November 1941 in Kiev by Stalin’s regime. That’s only one month out of a long-time regime and only one city. All those people were killed for disliking the predecessor of feminist ideology – Marxism-Leninism. But those people cannot be commemorated properly because the FEMEN movement says so.

Just imagine someone taking down the Washington monument or the monument that’s been placed at ground zero after 9/11. That was the sentimental value of that monument for the Ukrainian people that suffered through real oppression.

The Ukrainian authorities wanted to arrest her but the FEMEN movement organized a blockade and Inna eventually fled Ukraine and moved to France where she opened a ‘training center for activists’ and she actually has the nerve to claim that she is being persecuted by the Ukrainian authorities.

And these violent thugs are being cried over on in the Ukrainian media because they got alienated by their families once they joined the movement. Would anyone from the media even care, let alone be compassionate, if they were men? Again, I sincerely doubt it.

Some might think that calling them ‘violent thugs’ is too much, albeit in my moral compass, someone who uses a chainsaw in the centre of a major city to take down a monument is indeed a violent thug. Allow me translate a statement of Inna Șevcenko in the last article cited above:
I try to shake women in Ukraine and make them socially active. We provoke them, show that women can do it. I generally aim to organize in 2017 a female revolution. Maybe not a matriarchy, but very close to it. Enough with the male sins! [Emphasis added]
Expel her from France, I say. I'm glad I've signed that petition.

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  1. They make excellent suicide bombers in Muslim countries.