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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Extreme Centre: People Doing Nothing when Action Is Necessary

I have read the novel expression "the extreme centre".

The context (it was the title of the book The Extreme Centre: A Warning by horrid UK-Pakistani neo-Marxist Islamophile, anti-Western, anti-White Tariq Ali) doesn't matter. These words struck me because we are in a situation in which not to take sides is - paradoxically - extreme.

If your civilisation and race and the religion of your forefathers are on the brink of extinction and you prefer to stand aside and do nothing, you are extreme, no matter how many more people are doing the same.

"Extreme" here is used not in the statistical sense of far-from-average but in the sense of describing an action or omission whose consequences are going to be momentous.


  1. "Extreme" gets on my does hyperbole, rhetoric, and exaggeration. These words describe the way political and cultural debate is conducted. Jews have mastered this form of communication. They conduct their media Holy War by adding what I'll politely call "impactful" adjectives every other word, in order to conjure up emotions in the reader / listener that will be sympathetic to their cause..whether it be the demise of Christianity, or the continued Genocide on Palestinians.

    Of a writer, you already know this. I think most people are influenced by hyperbole more than actual content.


    1. For a people who always blather on about how they are suffering from a "genocide", it's very strange how the Palestinian's numbers have increased 600% in 60 years. Some genocide!

    2. That would be the result of r-type reproductive strategy and more modern technology. The 3rd world races reproduce like locusts and survive thanks to our technology. We are doomed.

    3. I think the Palestinians complain more about displacement. But high net demographic growth can mask high mortality rates. Hardships imposed on the Palestinians by Israel undoubtedly contribute in part to higher mortality rates than would otherwise prevail. That the Palestinians have larger families makes sense as a compensatory mechanism.

  2. Brilliant point Enza. I don't like the idea of "moderation in all things." To quote George W. Bush, "You are either with us or you're with the terrorists." George may have seemed goofy, however he's right on this.

    I'm disgusted by people who think of themselves as superior because they always take a center position on issues. In an argument they're the person who thinks both extremes are incorrect simply because they've adopted the philosophy that "the truth is always somewhere in the middle." Bullshit, sometimes truth is at the extreme and the 'extremist' is correct.

    The white homeland is on the rain-slick precipice. People willingly ignore the truth about race and crime, race and poverty, and race and moral character issues because of a bullshit utopian fantasy. If you are are in the middle of a riot and you don't actively seek to escape, you are considered a participant in the riot since you are making the jobs of law enforcement, the people who trying to stop the riot, harder. There is no middle ground in the fight for our homeland.

  3. If indigenous British people could just look ahead fifty years and ask themselves if they would like to live under a UK version of sharia law then more of them would start wakening up to the muslim threat. All bloggers like you can do is to keep telling it as it is. More and more people are getting the message. Whether enough of them will get it in time to make a difference is the question.

  4. EXTREME CENTRE this is a brilliant term people posting on blogs and newspaper comments should help put this term into general usage. Its as good a phrase as LIBERAL TOLALITARIAN see
    Wikipeda has a fair listing for the French Front National which wants to stop mass immigration but the first thing it says about the British National Party and Britain First is Far Right,
    The three main uk political parties Conservative , Labour, Lib-Dems are all in the EXTREME CENTRE committed to doing nothing about non EU mass immigration and the continuing Islamisation of England.

  5. To borrow a thought from Bertrand Russell: "We are born ignorant, not stupid. It's education that makes us stupid".

    He might have added... and it's the media that maintains that condition.

    The horrific tragedy that played out in France over the last few days cannot be condemned too strongly, but reaction to it must be carefully balanced with the far greater tragedy that has been played out for many centuries, and continues to be played out daily with no apparent end in sight: the on going tragedy of empire-building.

    Islam is the only religion, which dose not make any mockery of other religions. But some religions specially attacks on Islam and make propaganda against Islam. this is not freedom of speech its just targeting. Liberation should be in control to protect the rights of other. why France has banned the scarf, this is not against the freedom of living.

    500 years you dominate the world with terror, is that not enough?

  6. Extreme this case this it is like watching your family get robbed by thugs and refusing to step in because you don't want to hurt their attacker's emotions. All those Utopian idiots should vote for candidates who do not support immigration. They protect their family and maintain their anonymity and don't have to hurt anyone's emotions.

  7. "Islam is the only religion, which dose not make any mockery of other religions. But some religions specially attacks on Islam and make propaganda against Islam. this is not freedom of speech its just targeting.

    Here he goes again. True, islam doesn't mock other religions: it just persecutes them. Care to list all those muslim states that would allow me to build a church in their capital cities? Would you like, in return, a list of links to news stories about the murder of Christians by muslim extremists? Surely it's better to be able to mock a religion than to decapitate its adherents or throw them from tall buildings?

  8. Our next goal should be to make Europeans and Americans realize that America is simply another European country, like Germany, France, Ireland etc. The only difference between america and any other European country is 3000 miles, the distance from Maine to Spain.

    There has existed a propaganda campaign to convince people that America is some strange country that is founded on multiculturalism. disproves this Utopian view often. America is not the Great Experiment. In fact, America is the LEAST experimental country in the history of the world. Its government is based on 4000 years of government science.

    Ancient Greece is the only true government 'experiment.' Rome, then England, then America simply built on what happened there. America is the fourth in this line of European governments and had the benefit of three European governments before it. America is the brainchild of geniuses and is the light of Europe. That is why we have to stop its destruction by Utopian idiots.

  9. America RIP.

    Our congress just approved a Department of Homeland Security bill that funds the Negro in the White House's Amnesty by Decree. Congress just gave up their power to the Executive Branch.

    The first turning point in the history of America started when LBJ reformed our immigration policy. Its resulted in this turning point in our history. We are starting our ride to the end.

    To the whites who vote for open borders candidates, this is your fault. To the Conservatives who were elected to stop Amnesty and who should've allowed DHS to shut down, you are traitors. Whites have no control in their own governments.

    The only possible benefit from this is if we get a pro-white president who can legislate by executive order in our benefit. Liberal utopian idiots and traitor conservatives will never allow this. The Race War is next. All the spineless white cowards who let this occur will spend an eternity in Hades.

  10. I know someone who thinks that Britain is full up and can't accommodate any more immigrants but despite this he won't be voting for UKIP because he thinks they're "extreme". Another says she is worried that UKIP are like the Nazis. When people are that brain dead is it any wonder the politicians can do what they please? I think the biggest problem is that too many people are simply thick / ignorant / complacement and that's how our "leaders" want it to stay.

  11. I think Enza is exactly right to worry about our people straying away from our Christian roots. Christianity binds white people together anywhere they exist. It is a pertinent facet of our unique identity.

    I peruse the website of the American Freedom Party, America's only explicitly pro-European persons political party, and find that they consider Christians to be a problem in the sense they do not support European identity. AFP is right, however, they go on to say that it is not important for a members of AFP to maintain Christianity identity. I disagree.

    Christianity is the mortar that holds European peoples together. We require it to stay united. I don't think it needs to be forced on people however we should NEVER discourage Christian identity and we should encourage it.

    There is one major task for us now. That is to convince Christians that the bible does NOT promote the destruction of identity. God REQUIRES us to maintain our unique civilizations because he did not want us to usurp his power; the Tower of Babel story; multiculturalism is an attempt to collectivize the people and God will not allow this. He will disjoin a collectivized people. This is the literal interpretation of the Old Testament and one that Christians have no problem understanding. If we have to, build our own Christian temples and denominations to get this word to Christians. Form prayer groups, inform your pastor, or become a pastor. There is more scripture to support this theme.