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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Objective Reality Thoughts

How do you know that a door was objectively there (unless you are a solipsist)? When you moved into another room and didn't bang your head against a wall.

How do you objectively know that the calculations on which a bridge was built are correct? When the bridge doesn't collapse.


  1. I function by the concept I call Apparent Reality.

    Is the door there or is the bridge there? I don't know for sure. We may all exist as electrical charges in an alien's computer. We may be the fantasy of some god.

    However apparently the stuff we see exists. The world functions predictably when it comes to physics. That's enough for me. Thus apparently this world is real.

    Until we have evidence that in fact this world is not real, my default stance is that it is apparently real and I don't lose sleep. There is a possibility that we cannot ever understand what is "real."

    Philosophy is the only discipline that has an inverse relationship in regards to study and philosophical intelligence. The more you study the less you understand philosophy.

    Logic class is often put under the umbrella of the philosophy at schools. This is stupid. Logic goes under mathematics and both simply describe mechanical laws.

    I am gullible and I believe anything a person the same degree that the facts and evidence support what the person says.

    People say God exists. I say what is the evidence? They point to STUFF. Yes since STUFF exists, God exists...

    They then say it's more beneficial to society for citizens to believe in a god. I say possibly however the collateral damage caused by holding those beliefs should be factored in.

    People say race and gender are social constructs. I say cars and trucks are both vehicles however it is useful to distinguish between them.

    Then they say that it's beneficial to society to believe race and gender are social constructs. I say possibly however the collateral damage caused by holding that position should be factored in.

    I also DO NOT assume that an assertion is NOT TRUE until proven otherwise.

  2. Politicians, collectivists, and welfare statists know little or nothing, especially when their programs, tyrannies, and welfare states collapse into bloodshed or endless debt. Their calculations are always wrong, but they habitually ascribe their failures to other causes that never entered their calculations.

    1. America has the biggest welfare state in the history of mankind. We give people money for everything including housing. Poor people who use all the benefits in our country literally do not have to work. The taxpayers are responsible for all this.

      In addition we have 'affirmative action' programs that basically give jobs to black people. Government is inherently inefficient and when you double down on that by putting black people in government positions you get the worst government possible.

      Blacks benefit from all sorts of special laws. Mestizos and blacks are almost uniformly burdens on a first world country. They receive more benefits per person than any other race and the US gets little from them in entrepreneurship or technological advancement. In other words the US is going to get little job creation from third world races.

      The US or any 1st world country cannot support significant numbers of blacks, arabs, or mestizos and maintain first world status.

      The third world races have an r-type reproduction strategy and when they move to a first world country, all their litter survives because of advanced technology. In other words 3rd world races multiply like locusts.

      Communism is a fundamentally flawed system. When you add third world races into the equation it flat out cannot exist except in extreme environments i.e. Cuba.