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Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Muslim Invasion of England

I know it's not new but I've just heard it.

A British Naval Destroyer stops four Muslims in a row boat, rowing towards Brighton. The captain gets on the loud hailer and shouts:

"Ahoy, small craft, where are you heading?"

One of the Muslims stands up and shouts:

"We are invading England!"

The crew of the Destroyer all start laughing and, when the captain finally stops laughing, he gets back on the loud hailer and says:

"Just the four of you?"

The Muslim stands up again and shouts:

"No, we're the last four. The rest are already there!"


  1. Awesome joke. I would change the last line to:

    "No, we're the last four. The rest are were already let in by the naive, stupid, white-guilt-ridden, Egalitarian, Utopian idiots!"

  2. The people who make me the most ill are the people who decry immigration, then employ immigrant cleaners on crap wages. Yes, it's much like the Republicans in the US, who stoke hostility against Latino migrants, while all the time depending on them as nannies, cleaners and gardeners. Well of course, they will support any policy that will strengthen their own position whilst damaging the rights of indigenous people and any politician wanting to retain British Values and Liberal values will fall by the wayside. So, the banker from Germany the cleaner from Colombia who cleans his/her office will all vote to strengthen their 'own' position, because of course their interests precisely coincide. Its almost as if you think they are all the same. And what on earth are 'British values"? If you are talking about the kind of crap spouted by UKIP and the Tories.

    Spain has lots of immigrants and they aren't blaming them for the crisis, they are blaming the political class. Germany has millions of immigrants and is thriving. Europe is dying its natural death. It needs more and more immigrants to keep their societies alive. Without migration, European societies and economies would bleed to death.

    Here's a new idea - get the f**k out of every Muslim country, stop killing Muslims with your bombs, soldiers, funding and discriminatory policy and let the Muslims sort out their own affairs without Western interference. Then the flow of refugees will stop... Terrorism and fight for freedom has always been there too. Unfair to single out Muslims. Germany, we Muslims will not forgive you for selling nuclear weapon submarines to Israel and giving that racist country a second nuclear strike capability. If you like Jews so much, give a piece of your own country to them as a homeland. The more Muslim countries are attacked, the more you can expect more asylum seekers to come to white countries. You only have yourself to blame.

    The crusades, colonisation of every brown and black people, slavery, the holocaust, making indigenous populations disappear ( USA CANADA AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND), the small box genocide on native Indian in north America. Tasmania is Australia has no native population because they were wiped out 200 years ago. 1 million people died in Iraq since 1990(yeah you liberated us from saddam) 500 thousand in Afghanistan dead since 2001 stealing resource from colonies( east India company any one and many more). I gosh I could remember the whole list. Such nice white Christian people eh.

    West must learn to respect and tolerate those who are different. The problem of extremism we are experiencing is not "mass immigration", immigration has been happening since the dawn of mankind. The problem we are experiencing is a direct result of lack of respect and tolerance substituted by ignorance. The problem we are experiencing is the direct result of poor consciousness and awareness of selective "information" being conveyed to us through various mainstream media sources. There's a new mainstream anti-Muslim racism that is built on fears for the survival of Western values. That's the product of a nervous society in which social betterment is becoming increasingly difficult and in which there is a sense of omnipresent competition and struggle. The emotions generated by this are often not directed at a system, but at those who are different, at foreigners. This is also launched from the political arena and absorbed at grassroots level.

    1. Tasmanian Aborigines died mostly from diseases brought over by the convicts. You make it sound like white people put them all up against a wall and shot them!

    2. Tasmanian Aborigines died mostly from diseases brought over by the convicts. You make it sound like white people put them all up against a wall and shot them!

    3. The uk public have been betrayed by our liberal,deceitful politicians the public must insist on border controls.

    4. We cannot sustain an ageing population if we do not have a significant number of young foreigners coming in to work. If we limit immigration the only logical policy implementation beyond that is euthanasia, without immigration the country will collapse in 10 years.

      If immigrants were to leave the UK, and the UK left the EU, the entire UK economy would collapse virtually overnight. Wake-up. The UK no longer manufactures anything. The UK became a financial-services whore-house a long time ago. Oh those poor little British people who are denied jobs by migrants, jobs they don't want to do, jobs that they won't take because they are too bloody lazy, and those awful migrants, contributing to the economy, living with friends and relatives, those awful, awful migrants that don't claim benefits, god they really are a terrible bunch aren't they!! You only need Office for National Statistics data to see that Eastern EU migrants have much higher employment level than the native British population - hence relying less on Benefits than the Brits.

      I think as it's widely accepted that most migrants are young working age people who get work and don't need to claim benefits, the idea that they are a drain on the NHS is silly - people in that demographic aren't at the point in their lives when they need much healthcare. Most of the NHS's resources are spent on the elderly. Ditto, education - they've finished their education so aren't a cost there either. And as for having their children educated here, the only reason our birth rate is at, and not well below, the replacement rate is migrants. The problems of our ageing population, increasingly in retirement, would be far worse without migrants having children. Migration has been at the centre of human survival and geopolitical boundaries are actually anti-survivalist that's if you want to take the route of "survival of the fittest". Immigration is good, Diversity is strength, Multiculturalism makes areas 'vibrant'.

      Immigrants are net contributors to the NHS too, they bring in more money than they spend, that has been the case for a long time. I love watching the right squirm for new arguments whenever they are confronted with facts that don't fit their agenda. With all respect, I don't think that Brits taking the dole are interested in earning their income being employed. I have seen whole British families living in council housing and milking the system of any benefit possible. Nobody in the family working or interested in working. I haven't seen Eastern European families doing the same. The ones I knew are taking something out of the system were also working and paying their taxes. But of course I don't know every single immigrant in the UK, so I can only speak basing on my personal experience, which doesn't equal sociological research. What do you mean by the "best" immigrants? The ones who are educated or the ones who are working? I'm entirely sure there are immigrants living off the system. There seems to be a stereotype of immigrants coming over to the UK just to claim benefits and I think it's largely demagogy publicized for political gain.

      Read the report - of a £109bn health budget, immigrants account for £12m - that's 0.01% use, which is well below the level of the older, sicker, more likely to be invalided native Brits! And be glad about that increased birth rate - those are the people who'll be paying your pension, as well as your health bills as you get older! And again - read the report! It says that non-EEA (that is, people from outside the EU, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) immigrants made a negative net contribution of £118bn: BUT it also says that BRITISH people made a negative net contribution of £591bn!!

  3. Is this Iftikhar Ahmad a human? Or only a robot who assembles random sentences of Muslim BS? Are all Muslims that obtuse and robotic? I hope not. If Iftikhar Ahmad's writing is the punishment for our sins, our sins are huge indeed.