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Monday, 1 October 2012

Germany: Whole New Neighbourhoods without Churches

In Germany, architecture is being "de-Christianized". Entire new neighbourhoods and urban areas are being built without a church in them: churches are just not planned in the projects, as if nobody even thought of them.

The German Catholic news site Kreuz reports on this phenomenon with examples from an article by architecture critic Dankwart Guratzsch in the daily Die Welt.

In Stuttgart, a large new district was built for 12,000 residents without a church.

In Hamburg, another new neighbourhood for 12,000 residents was created without a church. Not only that: to realize this project, 19 churches were closed down, probably because they were in the way. Made disappear in the blink of an eye. Under the pretext that nobody had requested them.

Some people, however, did protest, and to make them happy they were provided with a small chapel with just thirty chairs, hidden on the ground floor of a battered-facade office building.

This does not look like an accident, but a plan to make the signs of Christian faith disappear in a cold, calculated, cruel way.

Writing in Die Welt, Guratzsch quotes the son of the great philosopher Hegel, Immanuel Hegel, who advised: "Build churches!". Because, adds Guratzsch: "To build churches means to build communities. When the faithful are deprived of the visible testimony of public recognition of their values, the latter are also weakened for the believers themselves".

Guratzsch recalls how the same was happening during the time of the German Democratic Republic, communist Germany: churches were being demolished to humiliate, offend, isolate religion and inculcate atheism.

A Europe without churches and without strong Christian roots and values will be much more vulnerable to a threat similar to communism: Islamization.


  1. See the Dutch translation:

    E.J. Bron

  2. Welcome islamic republic of germany.

  3. Part of the reason that the churches are not being built (and others being demolished) is that people are not going to church anymore. All over Europe in last few decades church attendance has been going down. This is why most people are oblivious to what is really going on. Mosques on the other hand are being built all over the continent. Germany has over 100 mosques. 2007 article where Germany Muslims want to double the mosques they have already.

  4. How is Christianity being attacked by not building churches in new neighbourhoods if, in fact, there is no demand for churches among the people likely to live in these new neighbourhoods? One might as well say that planned neighbourhoods which don't include synagogues are being built that way to attack Jews.

    Also, why is secularization supposed to lead to Islamization?

  5. Randy, you will find some answers to your questions, that will make you better understand what is going on, here:

    I don't blame you for not understanding these issues, people have been indoctrinated for 4-5 decades now.