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Friday, 26 October 2012

In Naples Illegal Immigrants Beat Up Police

In Naples, Southern Italy, over 30 North-African illegal immigrants have broken into a police station, assaulting and injuring the officers, 10 of whom had to be taken to the hospital.

This was in response to the rejection of their application for refugee status, for which they are also appealing.

The immigrants belong to a large group of about 1,200 North-Africans who have arrived in Italy as part of the so-called 'Emergency North Africa' program, and are housed in reception centres and hotels in Melito, north of Naples.

During the clashes a police car has also been set on fire. The illegals themselves asked the police to arrest them so that they could remain in Italy. This has given rise to the hypothesis that the illegals committed all these crimes in order to be arrested and avoid being returned to their countries.

Five of them have been arrested.

Once you commit the crime of violating the national borders of a country by entering it illegally, successive crimes must become easier.

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