Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Islamic Threat to UK Greater than Ever

'Run, hide and tell' leaflets warning UK public of Islamic attacks

The image above is that of a leaflet which - as part of Counter Terrorism Awareness Week - was distributed yesterday by the police at railway stations around the UK to guard people against a possible Mumbai-style attack that security forces are expecting may be attempted by Muslim extremists.

The leaflets tell the public to "run, hide and tell" in the event of such an attack.

They are part of a campaign just launched by Chief Constable of British Transport Police (BTP) Paul Crowther, who said: "More than six million people travel on our railways every single day."

He added: "Earlier this month a man was sentenced for terrorism offences after being caught in possession of information about how to make bombs.

"This was as a direct result of a rail passenger reporting suspicions to train staff. We need others to follow suit and play their part in keeping the UK's transport systems safe from terrorists."

The government has warned that the threat to Britain from Islamic radicals is "greater than ever".

Home Secretary Theresa May has just published a Counter-terrorism and Security Bill containing a range of new powers, including a legal requirement by schools, prisons and councils to put in place policies to stop would-be extremists being radicalised.

The bill, about to go before Parliament, includes a vast package of measures to tackle the threat from Muslim militants and those returning from fighting with the Islamic State.

It seems to me that much more useful than warning potential victims would be to target the would-be criminals. We know that the Muslim community in Britain harbours many terrorists, some of whom have gone to Iraq and Syria to join the ranks of the beheaders and torturers of the Islamic State and have been let back into the UK.

These home-grown jihadists have done us a favour, first by betraying where their loyalties lie and second by leaving the country. We should use both favourable conditions and not allow them to return to Britain, making them stateless if necessary.

British security services have informed that since the 2005 7/7 attacks in London, that killed 52 people, no fewer than 40 terrorist plots have been disrupted in the UK.

Home Secretary Theresa May disclosed this week: "There have been attempts to conduct marauding 'Mumbai-style' gun attacks on our streets, blow up the London Stock Exchange, bring down airliners, assassinate a British ambassador and murder serving members of our armed forces."

In the 2008 attacks in Mumbai, India, which security chiefs believe are inspiring the current Muslim militants, a group of Pakistani men linked to the terror group Lashkar-e-Tayyiba went to various crowded public places across the city - including a railway station, a packed restaurant, two hotels, a cinema and a hospital - armed with machine guns and bombs, slaughtering 164 people.

The attacks only ended when commandos stormed the buildings, killed the terrorists and rescued hostages. The one survivor was later executed.


  1. Interesting we get all worried about Islamic terrorism yet the two biggest terror attacks in recent years, 9/11 and 7/7, were both false flags to drum up support for dubious middle East wars and usher in a surveillance state carried out by our own establishment. There is a mountain of hard evidence to support what I say as well just you won't hear it coming from the mainstream media. I'm not saying there aren't Islamic terrorists and terrorist acts I'm saying the two biggest alleged acts of Islamic terrorism were inside jobs and many millions of people share this view. The fact this isn't acknowledged by the state and establishment types be it the media or the police demanding more intrusive powers leaves me very sceptical of there intentions. Are there Muslims wanting to bomb the UK definitely and I have no qualms about them being dealt with appropriately. The thing is they aren't felt with appropriately they are left to fester while everyone else sees there rights and liberties eroded to protect us from these bogey men.

    I suppose that whilst the security services are busy concentrating on the likes of IS, there's also a possibility that other groups of terrorists with extremist ideologies - like the far left and far right - could take advantage of the spotlight being off them and exploit this to launch an attack from an unexpected quarter? It's not foreigners who are being radicalised and becoming jihadists. It's second and third generation Brits of Pakistani / Bangladeshi descent. Muslims constitute 5% of the UK population. The threat is massively exaggerated. The nut cases signing up to Jihad are second and third generation Brits (of Pakistani / Bangladeshi) descent, well educated and relatively wealthy. Most of them went over there to help Syrians they thought were being butchered by the super-evil Assad who our media/government told them was super-evil so spare us the BS propaganda. Oh please, the 'terror threat' is minimal and entirely manufactured. The arrests have gone up because the political climate for war demands it. We are back to the Blair years here of endless fear mongering. Most of the arrested will never be convicted of anything, let alone terrorism. Of course this is also propaganda to make people accept the snooping charter and even more surveillance.

    "Terrorism" has become the perfect excuse for erosion of civil liberties and the expansion of the police state. And when trials do happen, the authorities have ensured the facts of the cases are withheld from public knowledge.

    This hysteria regarding terrorism is manufactured. Fear of the highly improbable presented as the likely results in an ill-informed, propagandised populace accepting greater intrusion by the state into personal lives.
    It's a con, and "deradicalisation" is an insidious act that cements "thought crime" as an increasing reality. Radicalism is essential for addressing the systemic failures of modern society. It is no coincidence that the ruling elites are gradually criminalising ideologies (not restricted to Islamism) that threaten the acceptability of the status quo. We are all being silenced. It is nearly impossible to independently verify claims of the scale of threat to Britain made by senior counter-terrorism officials, and mistrust among sections of the public remains high. There's an easy way to get rid of the threat; but I bet there isn't a single politician brave enough to do what is required. So we're left with deep unease on all sides and permanent crisis management. The worst of both worlds. How very modern.

  2. Iftiker Ahmad . 9/11 was not a false flag event however the US used it as a false pretext to invade Iraq which had nothing to do with it.
    As for claiming Islam poses no threat to the United Kingdom . THREAT ONE there are some Muslim groups who would indead want to carry out terrorist attacks.
    Any such event will not be a false flag operation but our own evil rulers will exploit it for their own ends eg spying on its own people see readers comments
    THREAT TWO the majority of maybe passive Muslims have a demographic bomb which means they will become the majority in parts of the UK.

  3. Conspiriousy theories? Nothing to see here folks, move along.

    - al Qaeda

  4. I am truly sick to the back teeth of people like Iftikhar Ahmad promoting the innocence of Islam. If people are stupid and ignorant enough to believe him, then that is their problem, but don't come crying to me when we are all Dhimmis and have to pay a 95%tax to Muslims or be beheaded.......nice people, eh?

  5. When one looks at the profiles of the Westerners who join Jihadist groups in Syria, Iraq or elsewhere, they are usually middle class and not among the most socioeconomically, educationally, etc. deprived segments of those populations. For many European Muslims, the "sense of belonging", though (their sense of integration) can be quite disconnected from their actual economic situation, and all of us here with Euro connections know Muslims, both from immigrant and native backgrounds (converts etc.), who on the surface live a comfortable and even privileged, "successful" and happy life (university degrees, a nice house, a good job, a nice family, great kids who do well at school, etc.) yet will tell you "there is no place for us in this country". Then they will start dreaming about leaving for a supposedly better place, usually the US or the UK (though that "British Dream" of a European Islam-friendly haven is closing fast too, now), Saudi Arabia, etc. And quite a few actually leave. Some will talk about going to Palestine and fight to protect their "brothers and sisters" from Jewish aggression, etc.

  6. There is no place for them because they take allah at his word when he says Christians are the worst of creatures. And I guess in a moslem's mind when Jews try to protect themselves from adherents of the Death Cult, that is called, "aggression" LOL


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