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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Senegalese Immigrants in Italy Want Protection Money for Parking

The above video from a local Sardinian newspaper, translated by me, is about a crime of intimidation by a group of Senegalese immigrants in the capital of Sardinia, Cagliari.

A couple refused to pay the "parking fee" to one of them, an extortion since the Senegalese man has no right on the par cark, a sort of protection money. After their refusal, he then tried to sell them his merchandise.

When they refused again, he became menacing and called a group of his countrymen and mates who surrounded the car, not letting the Italian couple get out of it and threatening them, until they eventually called the police. The Senegalese man was also abusive to the police and got arrested for that as well.

This is a common phenomenon in Italy now. For a few decades there have been what Italians call "vu' cumpra'" (the Italian phrase "want to buy?" distorted by the vendors' poor Italian language skills). These pedlars are usually black African immigrants selling their merchandise on beaches, in restaurants, streets, car parks and so on.

Italian blogger Pietro Melis says in his post titled "Here are the fruits of the do-gooders philosophy":
It is not clear why there is no law preventing from staying in Italy those who do not have a legally paid employed position which, in addition, has not been taken away from unemployed Italians willing to do the same job. The others out, return them to their country. For them there is no place.

The do-gooders philosophy, which kills justice, in the confusion between morality and law, has led to the expansion of what Marx called a "reserve army" of the unemployed which has the effect of keeping wages low with the blackmail of dismissal and replacement with a lower-cost unemployed.

The reported episode [described above] highlights an intolerable situation.

These "vu' cumprà'" must get out of the way. Must be driven back to their countries because they are illegal.

They sell ​​merchandise produced outside the law, squat on public land, do not pay taxes and create unfair and illegal competition. And continually bother you on the beach.

But nobody intervenes because of the do-gooders philosophy, lest you get accused of racism. And with this excuse they do what they want, even becoming violent.

They have also for a long time now formed a gang that claims the payment of protection money in addition to the ordinary parking fee, so you have to pay twice. And you have to pay protection money even for parking where there is no fee. Otherwise you may find that your car has been damaged, at least with a mark on the body. And no-one intervenes and throws them out of car parks.

And they are mostly Islamic. We are victims of a policy that has bred a culture of the multiracial and multicultural society, with all the consequences that we can see.

Indigenous crime was not enough. It was necessary to import other crime. Prisons are overcrowded because half the prison population is made up of foreigners. This is the beautiful result of a crazy policy.
Notice how, at the end of the video above, another African immigrant says to the newspaper reporter that he heard the Italian woman use expletives against the Senegalese. The police had no evidence for that and, given the limited command of the Italian language shown by the "witness", it's hard to know what he actually did or did not hear.

Thank God Italy does not have, like the UK, a Macpherson Report dictating: "A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person".

But it's only a question of time.

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