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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Muslim Persecution of Christians and the Vatican

Vatican City. Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel: the Creation of Adam

The Vatican has done more to counter the Islamic threat than people think.

If we in the West now know that Syrian "rebels" are in their majority bloody jihadists and not innocent victims of Assad, it is due to the Vatican news-gathering agencies in the region. At first the Western media were totally biased and were unquestioningly transmitting the propaganda they received from local reporters on the rebels' side as bona fide news. It was the Vatican agencies that eventually managed to correct this bias.

And the Syrian case is just an example. The Vatican is one of the major sources of information about the persecution of Christians all over the world, by Muslims - which represents the overwhelming majority of cases - and non-Muslims like communists. It is also the force that helps these Christians most in practical ways.

We have to understand how the Vatican works, there are things that it cannot do because of its special role. For example, the Pope cannot openly condemn Muslim violence because that would only result in an increase in retaliatory violence against Christians: that is intrinsically connected to his role as the highest Christian authority on earth.

Photo by Sebastian Bergmann (Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0).


  1. I’m scared for the terrified little white Christian girl kidnapped in LEBANON in the video. There is NO ONE to help her!

    Muslim Brotherhood Obama, rabid Jew-hater-Samantha Power and Fascist Left billionaire, George Soros only help Muslim terrorists!

    U.S. leaders adore Al-Qaeda and other Muslim terrorists and have financed, armed and trained the barbaric terrorists in their wicked war against innocents.

    Syria: Nearly Half Rebel Fighters Are Jihadists Or Hardline Islamists

  2. If only Western media and governments had the ethics of the Vatican to tell the truth about Muslim barbarism and mass murder of Christians and other non-Muslims! By deliberately concealing the truth, Western leaders and media are cooperating fully with the goal of global Islamic conquest. The Muslim OIC are working to internationally criminalize negative speech about Islam. Obama, Clinton and European leaders have united with the OIC in this dreadful goal. The OIC believe Muslims should have the RIGHT to commit atrocities and mass murder non-Muslims, but non-Muslims should not have the right to protest.

    Paul Weston: ‘Lebanon, which used to be a majority Christian country. But as the Islamic demographic grew, so did their demand for control, which in 1975 triggered a 15 year religious civil war taking the lives of close to 10% of the population and wounding 33% — half of whom suffered from lifetime disabilities. The entire Christian leadership was exiled, murdered or jailed.

    Is this our future?’

    1. Stephen St. George20 November 2013 at 21:49

      Very well put, Linda.

  3. I also don't believe that the Pope cannot directly criticize persecution. He may have been convinced of that I am not.
    Would it be his interfaith partners that have propagated this pleasant fiction?
    The media by and large is not carrying the story, why are they not mobilizing the message?

    1. Pope Francis has been pontiff for a very short time, but he has already started making waves:

  4. What about the christian persecution of Muslims in Central Africa?
    What about the millions of muslims killed in Iraq and Afghanistan by USA?
    What about the buddist persecution of Muslims in Burma?
    What about the Israeli persecution of Muslims in Palestine?

    1. There is no Christian persecution of Muslims in Central Africa. Muslims, as always, are the aggressors, and Christians, for once, are defending themselves instead of just being sitting ducks.

      Muslims are killed in greatly more numbers by other Muslims than by non-Muslims.