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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

American Whites a Minority by 2050

If current worldwide demographic trends continue, whites are seriously an endangered race.

A new baby boom of Hispanic, Asian and black children will make whites a minority in the USA by 2050.

White birth rates in America are falling, while immigrants and minorities are having more children.

The population surge does not derive directly from immigration, but rather from immigrants alreday in the USA having children.

This is in the new book Diversity Explosion (Amazon USA) (Amazon UK) by Brookings Institution demographer William Frey.

The book contains highly detailed charts and maps showing how falling white birth-rates and rising minority birth-rates will change the way the United States looks and votes forever.

The population of mixed-race Americans will dramatically increase, nearly tripling, in the next 50 years.

The Brookings Institution appears fairly liberal, but the book itself has precious information.

From The Daily Mail:
There are already nearly as many non-white babies being born as white children, according to Census Bureau statistics. It's only a matter of time before minorities children outnumber white ones.

The result, Frey tells the Atlantic, will be very similar to the Baby Boom after the Second World War - except this time it will be minority children being born.

'Back in the 1950s, we had a lot of Americans across the board in their childbearing years - we had all these babies,' he said.

'Now, that's really only the case for some of the newer minorities.'

And it's not just cities that will be changing. The suburbs are already becoming more diverse and are likely to become progressively less white year after year.

Between 2000 and 2010, the population of Hispanics in suburbs grew by more than eight million. Major cities added just three million Hispanics.

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  1. I said smth about a similar issue on Baron's site. The question is when will it be when the USA population will be 99% African-Arab? Following this evolution, it will happen quite soon. An image showing us the approximate year when will this happen would be more useful to sustain the truth, which is as I said, that:

    "... painting Islam like it really is, is not enough or it is more like wasting your energy in one direction when you should use it for other purposes. I mean that the population of a specific country have the right to take proper measures to defend itself from a foreign entity even if the foreign entity is entirely peaceful, if it is a proven fact that the foreign entity is slowly pushing the host population to extinction. For instance the demographic prognosis of the US population for the next 40 years is well known, those numbers are clearly showing that 40 years from now whites won’t be the majority. What the study did not bother to show us is what will be the percent in 80 or 150 years, because it would clearly show us how “diversity” would transform into 99% Arab-African majority, at which point “diversity” would cease to exist. This is why as long as there are no demographic laws into place “diversity” remains just an image of a certain time during a massive demographic change. “Diversity” as it is now, in times equaling to demographic anarchy, is just a temporary conclusion, or if it being put into law it is a reactionary resistance against natural law, against natural things which make any group of people, race or specie [or family, the individual] to fight [and live to transport further] its genetic gift [like a small doze of immortality]-the very basic goal of the human existence, the reproduction"